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The Dark Side of Capitalism - Poverty (Part 2) - Day 305


This is a continuation to my Previous blog: The Dark Side of Capitalism - Poverty (Part 1) - Day 304 where I mentioned:

That we are going to:

have a look at the Principles the Current Capitalistic System is based on and how the Current Capitalistic System that Promote abuse in this world had been advertised and "sold" for us to accept and allow the system without ever questioning its validity.

For this, we will look at the Questions and Answers published on the website - Capitalism.org to show the Problems that currently exists and accordingly, present solutions to correct the Manifested consequences and the Rewards of implementing the Equal Money Capitalism System.


Within this blog, we are going to look at the following Question and Answer:


The Problem:

"What of the poor under capitalism?

As for poverty, under capitalism, no poor man is prohibited from creating a fortune — observe that in late 19th century and early twentieth century America how hundreds of really “poor” immigrants, who could not even speak a word of English, came to America and within a generation were America’s newest elite — and they did it without the government on their backs, or on the backs of others. Even today, in semi-free America, many such immigrants come here starting with nothing and create fortunes — though this is a rarer occurrence due to the vast weight of the volumes of incoherent and irrational regulations that punish those who have an urgent need to accumulate capital (the poor).

Your question accepts the collectivist premise that wealth is a static quantity owned by that amorphous super-organism the “collective” to be looted from those individuals who create it. The “poor” don’t need government handouts — they need government off their backs and most importantly off the backs of those who can really help them — the “rich".”


The Example given with the Immigrants coming in late 19th is a Psychology Tactic to make one accept and allow one's abdication of Responsibility from the perspective of believing that all have an Equal opportunities to sustain a life in this world while, the Science behind the answer clearly reveal that in this current world system, there are no Equal Opportunities to Sustain a Life that is actually worthwhile.

I suggest watching the Documentary: Why Poverty - 740 Park Avenue where they brought the Dimension of the Monopoly Game research within its relationship to Poverty. The Research shows that those that comes later to the game, stand no change because by the time they entered the game, all the property was already owned by others and in essence, the ones coming to the game later are coming as the slave of those who came first since no matter where they end up at, they have to pay fee to the owners. The same principle exists within this current capitalistic world system wherein, if your family doesn't own property and have money, your chances to make it in this world are not so great. It also implies that the next generation to come, will enter a world that everything is already owned and unless one has sound financial foundation to start their life with, they will stand no chance.

Thus, giving the Example of the 19th century is a manipulative way to make one believe that: oh no worries, everything is fine because it's not that the poor don't have a chance in life, they do, look at the immigrant that came in late 19th, they made it and they had nothing and now they do.


Now, with regards to the following statement:

The “poor” don’t need government handouts — they need government off their backs and most importantly off the backs of those who can really help them — the “rich.”

As I've shown in the blog series I did about Charity and Poverty, shifting the responsibility form the Governments to Private corporations or Individuals,  within the hope that they would take care of the Problems created by this world system is not the solution but rather a way to perpetuate the problem existent in this world.

The reason such a statement/answer is given is to ensure and protect the money one has and to have the least regulation and revision possible. To understand the why and how, I suggest reading through the blogs:

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The solution:

Obviously the solution is to Eradicate the Problems and later apply the Principle of 'Prevention is the best Cure'. The solution is to study the world system, to get to know how it functions, what are the forces involved, what is behind the promoted hidden psychology we all so easily fall into and of course, why it is that we are so easily fall into the trap.

I suggest to start with the Century of the Self by Adam Curtis to have a better Idea how we have been brainwashed into a walking robots that stand as the slaves of the Elite without even being aware of it. it is only through a process of self education and self change that changing and preventing the abuse in this world system can be done; it is only through taking the responsibility we have as Life, to investigate all things and keep that which is good; it is only through Education that we can take our power back to ourselves in understanding the root cause of the problems and accordingly, walk the corrective application to bring about a world that is best for all where the Value of Life is being Honoured to its ultimate degree.


The Reward

As I've mentioned in my Previous blog:

Imagine a life where the Fear of Survival will only be existent in the History books.. Imagine a life where one is no longer require to fight day and night to bring food on the table.. Imagine a life where you can actually be with your children and watch them grow, instead of having to be at work for 15 hours a day while others take care of your kids in the best case scenario.. Imagine a Life where you no longer afraid that someone would steal something you own because everyone will have what you have.. Imagine a life that can be actually Lived!

With the Equal Money System, you can stop imagining but instead, live the life you always dreamt of.

I mean seriously now - once you go through the Equal Money System proposal, you wouldn't believe how is it possible that we didn't think about this solution sooner. So do your research and let's work together to manifest a system that would benefit us all.


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