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Charities - Exposing the Problems - Day 295

This is a continuation to:

Problem No. 2

No one is Accountable.

clip_image001One of the problems within the concept of Charities and Philanthropy is that in essence, there is no one that takes responsibility and stand accountable for the Problem. In my Previous Blog, I showed that the main problem with Charity and Philanthropy is that it blinds humanity from looking into the core/root/source of the problem and accordingly, taking or walking the approach that would eradicate the problem.

In shifting the Responsibility for Poverty for instance, to the Private corporations, instead of implanting a world wide governmental solution, all we are doing is perpetuating the gap and giving the Governments excuse to not address the point and take responsibility for the problems on earth.
Within that context, there is no Encompassing solutions but individual charities that touches the lives of a few in comparison to the amount of people that require a massive solution. In that, even with Charities, not everyone are being Equally supported and protected. 

On the Individual Level, giving to Charity or not having the means to give to charity but knowing that there are people out there that are giving to charity, creates the illusions that the problems are taken cared for without looking in common sense at the point that if the problems were taken cared for, poverty for instance would cease to exists. Therefor, having Charities in place, allows us to abdicate our responsibility as human beings in this world, to investigate and find solution that would not only solve the problem but also, prevent the current condition from ever manifesting again. Here, we utilize Hope and Powerlessness as our justifications to not stand up as if we completely gave up and decided that a change is impossible.

In other words, having charities in place, both the Governments and the Individuals abdicate the responsibility towards those who are dependent on Charities to exists at the moment. We do not confirm and check out that the goods and the aid that were supposed to reach their 'target' got to its destination; we do not check and confirm that the 'target' of charity is now having the basic ability to sustain a dignified life. As far as we concern, we did our part, we either donated our share or would have donated our share if we would financially able to and within that, we believe that we have done enough while meanwhile 7 billion people in this world are in the worsen condition ever existed on earth.

Saying that, what I see is that Charities in essence are Reactions, a distractions, from facing the core/root/source of the problem and therefor abdicate our responsibility as the creators of the problems instead of coming together and walk the Correction process that would End the Atrocities in this world.
Here, for further context, I suggest reading through the series - The Correction Process and the Desteni Message.

Will continue in my next blog in showing another problem we haven't considered before.
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