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There are so many factors in ONE Equation - Understanding Economy - Day 273

621-what-the-faq-is-an-equal-money-system-volume-2So within this blog, I will share how I've diverted/shifted my responsibility and the responsibility of humanity as a whole onto  'Them' without realizing that 'Them' is you and I, as I've explained in my previous blog. So again, One must understand that the starting point of my blogs is not to find faults in others or to blame the system. My starting point is to educate myself regarding the Dimensions that are involved within our Economic Structure which from there, I stand in absolute clarity, stability and consistency for a solution that would result with the best for all outcome.


A year or more ago, it was shared on the Israeli News that the Electrical Company, which is acting as a Monopoly in Israel, has the technology to provide to every household in Israel Internet access through the Electricity Gridlines.  That means that the Internet in Israel can be accessible for ALL with no or very little additional costs to the Electricity bills.


At the moment, the Cable and Phone companies provides Internet services within extreme competition that they barely survive (which is another blog topic by itself). When the news came out regarding the Internet access through the Electricity  gridlines, the Cable and Phone companies profess that the Internet cannot be monopoly and if that will be allowed, they will be out of business.


"Innocent me", with no real awareness and broad reasoning thinking - was very upset from the Government decision to not allow the monopoly on utilizing the electrical gridlines for Internet access for all because from where I was standing, what I saw was  only those who could have had Internet access very easily but wouldn't have it because of power, control and regulation.


HOWEVER, what I haven't taken into consideration is the following:

Imagine that the decision was to make the internet as Monopoly run by the Electricity Company which will allow the entire Israeli people to have access to the Internet through their Electricity lines. The Previous internet Services Companies will either go bankrupt or would close the Internet Departments if it is one of these companies that has additional services they can provide like for instance, cell phones or TV cables.

Now comes the step that I missed within my mission to blame the Government's decision which is the JOBS that people would lose from such decision.

Meaning, if previously, you had 5-6 companies that provided internet, now you have only one Company. You'll get 5-6 Company that would have to let go of employees because they would no longer have any work for them. 

So, we have on one side of the scale, many people with internet access but on the other side of the scale, we have many people that would lose their job and would not be able to provide for themselves and their families. From that perspective, I agree with the Government that didn't allow such a move because one can live without Internet but one cannot Live without Money within this current Money system because Money is the factor that would determine if you live or die and so, within this money system, money is the God. So.. Maybe we should blame money? lol no. But we will get to it.


So, in terms of the protests, occupied wall streets, OWS and so on, the solution that the people are asking isn't really doable and may cause more harm than good because there isn't a encompassing seeing of all the relationship that effect and involved with every decision that we make which would in most cases if not all, would place a large group of people in a more compromised situation that they were before.


Understand, the problem isn't so black and white as would like it to be. It is very much complexes an unknown to most humans. We tend to look at things from our own eyes view that is taint with Self Interest without ever looking at ALL the Relationship/factors that are involved.

Like for instance with myself, the reason I was upset about the decision to not allow the Internet access through allowing Monopoly of the internet, that would allow everyone access to the internet and thus to a world of unlimited information was because, as I saw it, having internet access for all would raise the chances for people to find out about the Equal Money System Movement and we could walk faster towards a world of Harmony and dignified life for all however, within this self interest, I've neglected to look at the greater picture and within that, the immediate affect that such decision would create and would have resulted with many beings without a job. What I haven't taken into consideration is the current functioning of the world system and within that, haven't consider how to work with what is here and transform/correct it to an equation that would result with the best for all outcome.


I suggest reading more about the Encompassing solution we present, I suggest reading through the Economist's Journey to Life as they expose the problem and present a solution, on a daily basis.



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