Dec 27, 2012 | By: A Woman

We are Doomed - Day 256

imageNo, it is not another prophecy, Future telling or psychic reading - it is the actual ugly and unspoken truth. How do I Know that we are doomed?


I've been learning and educating myself a lot recently regarding the world, History, why and how we had evolved to where we are now and what were and still are the forces that are involved in what we believe to be 'Free choice'. 


World leaders where removed, assassin, kidnapped and tortured by unseen forces that made sure their voice won't be heard, that their political Policies won't manifest and more importantly, that the Real 'Free Choice' would never be seen, realized, understood and thus applied by the Majority of this world.


Today, I read through half of the book - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins which amazed me by the Level of ignorance we as humanity Share. By how much we turn a blind eye to what is happening behind the scenes to the extant of which, we would name and defined the truth with the word 'Conspiracy' without ever cross referencing, asking questions, challenging the information that is unconditionally presented over the Internet and WHY? Because who would want to admit that we do not really have a free choice? That we are Puppets of a handful of people that govern our every single decision that we make.


On top of that, the Oil Crises that I doubt if our children or grandchildren would be lucky to survive once we run out of Resources to sustain a dignified Life.


So, we are doomed, we are on our way to diminish and abolish the Earth.


Unless we move, nothing will move, nothing will change. Why the hell are we waiting for the world to end? Why can't we read the huge sign on the wall and take actions? Why are we so busy occupying ourselves with war, with hate; why can't we stop complain but instead, come to a firm and applicable solution?

Hear me!! We cannot wait till it's too late because this time, too late is a definitive too lateness.


Join us to Stop creating the production of Consequences that would lead to a no-return point.

Join us to Create a world where Free Choice is REAL.

Join us - if not for yourself than for the generations to come.

Join us so that when your grandchildren will ask you what have you done in your life that supported the World, you'll have a dignified answer that you could be proud of because if that happened, and you have done nothing to change this world to a world that is best for all, while you could have had - your regret and shame would be worthless.


      Join us –

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