Dec 26, 2012 | By: A Woman

Blind Spot and Deceiving Hope - Day 255

I always stopped myself from watching Documentary because I believed that I must have knowledge and information regarding the History of Humanity which I perceived myself as lacking and incapable of learning and educate myself and thus, the Common Belief I held within myself was that watching Documentaries that are based on History is useless because I won't get it anyway.


It was very recently that I pushed through the point of resistance and gave myself the Gift of Real Time Education where I could not only start adding the dots in the History of Humanity but also Learn much of the unspoken truth regarding the world and within that, our lack of responsibility that had lead to this manifestation that we call 'Life on Earth'. Only through the Education Process I set forth for myself I had realized that unless we correct what we have created, we stand no chance.


Like me, there are Million or even Billion people that have access to Real Education that is shared unconditionally. Real Education meaning - not the Education one learns at School. This type of education is very much Bias, Limited and of the interest of those who are in Power. But again, you don't have to believe what I say here - investigate it for yourself - Is anything you learn at school was in any way Practical? Did it open your horizons in becoming an effective human being in this world?

Within that context, I suggest watching the 'COLLEGE CONSPIRACY' Documentary that explain in detail the forces that are involved in the current Education System and why the Education System around the world is inadequate, impractical and in no way exists to Empower, Grow and Expand the Human Race.


Last week I watched the Documentary - Blind Spot which for a moment, activated some Fears and Reactions within me however, when I stepped out of my Pre-Program design of Reacting instead of Preventing, I've realized that literally, if we continue reacting and only sort out the manifested consequences only after it had already manifested to a point of no return, there is no way we will make it. Well, maybe we will, but the generation to come will most certainly not.


The reason why we would not investigate the Problems in this world and move to a Principle of Prevention instead of Reaction is due to the inherent Design of HOPE that is based on our Self Interest.

It’s funny that We all say that we care for our children, that our children are our world and yet, we do nothing to ensure that the Life of our children and their Children will be Certain, safe and sound from the perspective stabilizing Earth for them to have a world to live in. It is interesting that we believe that our Love for our children comes down to making sure that their life will be safe as long as WE live; as long as we Exists; because really, what we want to define ourselves as is in being Good and Loving Parents and yet, we do not care at all, about the Lives of our grandchildren and their grandchildren because the Physical Evidence is showing that we are living in a doomed Earth that unless we do something NOW to make sure Earth will Remain, there would be no Life on Earth on 90-200 years from now.


Photo: via Jl KenneyHope is a very interesting Design - it is a BLIND Participation within and on this Earth, within the comfortable belief that everything will be fine and we will find a solution for what ever may occur because thus far, we survived like this - there was always a person or a group of beings that found a solution for the problem that had manifested and this is why, I'm not worried about anything, it will be ok. But will it be ok? What if there is a point where there is no way of fixing the problem any more? What if our grandchildren will live in a world where fossil fuel will be no more, where food would not be accessible, maintained and sustained? Why is it that despite of the Scientific evidence that we are heading towards the end of Fossil Fuel in this world, where alternative energies will not sustain and be enough to our current life style, we sit and do nothing? Hoping and depending on Science to bring the solution while Science already came and presented solutions - but we do not want to listen to the solution in the nature of Prevention because that would mean that we will have to change - change the way we consume, the way we live, the way we enjoy our life style.


Hope is also sound like Help - Always hoping for someone or something to Help us, to Save us. When will we realize that no one is coming to save us? that there is no God, no UFO coming to save earth, No Jesus coming of a cloud, no Superman that will save the day - it is only us - we cannot continue ruin this earth and expect others to clean our mess - there is also no money in this world that would buy the renewal of earth because Money is one of the main reasons for the destruction of earth in the first place.


I suggest reading my blog: From Reaction to Prevention and Obviously, watch the documentaries listed below to have a better understanding of what really goes on underneath our nose. We have the solution, but we require you to stand with because unless you move, unless you change, no movement or change is possible. We are in this together, we have to take ourselves out of it together. There isn't any other way.


"Remember the world system is just a system of relationships. It only exists because of all the participants; so if the participants change, the world changes – it’s really simplistic. It’s an individual thing. That’s why one by one, everyone must change, to bring about a change in the world. And you have to actually change the relationships, so that the relationships that are formed between people, animals, environment, is what is best for all Life – really simplistic". Bernard Poolman


Blind Spot


War on Democracy

The Century of the Self: Part 1- Happiness Machines


The Power Principle


The Trap




Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century


Investigate Equal Money System - It is time to MOVE - Will you dare to care for REAL?


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