Dec 27, 2012 | By: A Woman

Coincidences or a Mind Fuck? Day 257

38You know when you think about someone from your past and than, a few days after you hear about them, or they contact you? or when you think about something and the moment after someone comes and shared with you about what they were thinking and then you like - 'oh, wow, I just thought about the same thing'.

Or when you felt that something specific is about to happen and when it does, you like - 'OMG, I knew It'.


Have you noticed how much time and thoughts one invest when such moments occur? How one analyse it and talk about and go off into one's mind and look at it, create assumptions, ideas, interpretations?

And if that occur a few times and let's say that for instance, one and another always think about the same things, 'feel' each other and then create this special bond, connection between each other and one would speak about it, and share about it with others and feel so special.


But also, one would wonder in one's mind whether or not such things have a meaning, purposes; One would wonder whether it has to do with one's developed awareness or sensitivity to things; One would wonder about it A LOT in one's mind and would occupied oneself in a few occasions during one's day.


What I've noticed for myself the other day when I thought about something I would like doing and in the next moment, a friend came to me and suggested we will do the same thing I was just thinking about. We were making fun of it, saying that it must had happened because we are now aligned after the 21th December thing but in a way, it wasn't funny because we missed the point of self introspection and self responsibility within the principle of investigate all things and keep that which is good; I simply let it go.


But later on, I did find myself looking at this point while I was cleaning the floors; I was thinking about the tendency that I have lately to be more aligned with other people in terms of thoughts.

HOWEVER - I immediately could see, realize and understand how easy it is to fuck with myself because have a look - I was cleaning the floor, and instead of actually Breathe through this entire process and stand as the directive principle in every movement I make, I went of to my mind, wondered about this "ability" to be aligned with other people mind. I mean, come 'on - seriously, was I that stupid believing myself that I was aligned with other people minds while I am in my mind, not standing here, firm, stable, breathing, directing each and every moment?!


The Point that I would like to bring to this blog to expand our awareness to how easy it is for us to slip into our minds, where we wonder about things, think about stuff and within that completely miss a breath, miss a moment of opportunity to really be 'Here', one and equal to each and every movement we make.

It is so easy to occupy ourselves in our mind, imagining things, playing scenes, having internal conversations with ourselves and others in our minds. In that, we miss the actual Questions we must ask ourselves -


So for instance, with this coincident/alignment with other's mind - what we should ask ourselves is: How this application can assist and support me? How being aligned with another minds can result with an outcome that would be best for all? Why is it that I'm aligned with one's or two people minds and I'm not able to be aligned with everything that exists? Who am I within this? Was I or am I the directive principle within it? have I decided that I want to wonder off in my mind or I simply followed that which came up? why did it came up? where did it come from? From where my thoughts are coming from and why? Why have I felt so special with the bond/connection I developed with another to the extent of which we think about the same stuff?


What we must realize is - anything that comes up in our mind while we weren't the directive principle is an indication of us missing a breath, us missing ourselves, us following our pre-program designs and go to places that would give us an experience we would like to experience in separation of ourselves and each other.

Following our minds, wondering, imagining and occupying ourselves for hours, indicate our weakness of standing as the self power we can become if/when we decides to. So the real question we must ask ourselves is: Why are we still accepting and allowing this? Why are we so desperately insisting on keeping our mind's existent? Why are we allowing ourselves to continue existing as program instead of living as Physical human beings? And why is it so difficult to STOP? Is it really difficult or a justification we use?


I mean, there are many questions we must ask ourselves even though the answers wouldn't be answers that we would like to hear. Despite of this, we must ask the questions and commit to the practical application of the answers. Why? Because it had come too far - this world is a reflection of what we allow existing within ourselves - we must change and become the living example of that which is best for all because really, there is not excuse or justification that would be acceptable for why we shouldn't change and correct what we have done. Make sense?








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