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From Reaction to Prevention and the Correction Process (Part 1) - Day 239

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MayaH - Do not wait until there is nothing left to eat - fill your plate with Equal Money today copyAll the Problems we face during our Life time, Internally and Externally, have always been Known.

The History keeps repeating it self exactly as the saying - There is nothing New under the Sun and yet we do nothing to change the cycle that we keep looping within and as, Internally and Externally but always dealing with the Consequences once they manifested, only after we initially reacted to it.


As I've shown in my Previous blogs -  in order to Solve the Problems, we must get to the core/source/origin of the Problem and correct it in alignment to the Principle of what is best for all. Within that context, Prevention IS the Correction Processes as it is the Solution to EVERYTHING - both internally within and as ourselves and Externally, in our world.


Prevention in the context of our External reality -

If we look at what can be prevented in this world, once we change how we approach the problems from Reaction to Prevention, we will see the immediate change and result that would manifest an outcome that is best for all. For example:


Starvation - When we hear about a child that had died due to lack of nutrition, we React within and as ourselves. If we slow down, we would see that our reaction is based on our Self Interest of and as Fear within thoughts like: "what if it was my child? What if I didn't have anything to eat?" - So then, we will move to solving the problem through either ignore the fact that there are children in this world that dies every moment from starvation, or we go and volunteer in a charity organization or we would donate some money. we may also work harder to make sure we have enough to feed our children, or we will start forcing our children to eat everything on their plate and we will tell them that they must eat because they are lucky to have food. None of the above are an actual application of Prevention because the ultimate prevention is to make sure that no-one will ever again starve through the implantation of the Equal Money System for instance. Because when we establish an Equal Money System, we correct the core of the Problem, which is Money and Control and Prevent the Consequences of having people die from lack of Nutrition.


Poverty - When we see a beggar on the Streets, what do we do? We React. Why? Because we fear that we would end up like them, bagging for someone to help them keep their survival in this world. How are we dealing with it? we either give them Money, or we would ignore them, or we just feel sorry for them and thank god we are not in their shoes. However, what would be the Correction Process within the Principle of Prevention? To Establish an Equal Money System that would ensure a Dignified Life for all where no-one needs to bag for their existent forever more.


And as we go and explore all the problems that exists in this world, we would see that there is a solution - Prevention, that can be applied to stop the repeated History and create a world that is best for all. 

So now that we have looked at our External Reality within this World system, we will have a look at our Internal Reality and within that, the Principle of Prevention. Also, we would look at how and why Reactions are nothing but a distractions that we have accepted and allowed within and as ourselves, to not in fact Correct the Core/Source/Origin of each and every point we faced or would face if we would not Correct/Prevent it.


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