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From Reaction to Prevention and the Correction Process (Part 2) - Day 240

The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 12)


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This is a direct continuation to the previous blog: From Reaction to Prevention and the Correction Process (Part 1) - Day 239 where I've discussed the Principle of Prevention as the Correction Process within and as the world system. Within this Blog, we will be looking at the Individual Process of Correction and what does it imply to Move from Reactions to Prevention.


Firstly, let's Specify what Reactions are.

A reaction is an Energetic Movement within and as ourselves that is activated through how we perceive our internal and/or external experiences in relationship with how we defined our reality through our minds. What is interesting about the word 'React' is the sounding of the word: 'Re-Act' which indicates that our reactions always repeat themselves as we Re-act according to our Pre-program design as how we prepared the way before us to react in a specific Energetic Charge to a Specific event/experience/thought. (If you haven't already, I suggest reading the blog The Correction Process and The Desteni Message (Part 3) - Day 200 where I had explained what does it mean 'Pre-Programming).


When slowing ourselves down, we would notice that the trigger of any reaction exists within and as our self Interest, wherein we respond to our environment and react to the stimulus's that are contradicting our Pre-Program Design. For greater understanding, I suggest studying the Quantum Mind Interview series on EQAFE.


As Children, we were taught to React to Problems and only later, to maybe go one step further and Solve the Problem. Like for instance - when I was a child, for a long period of time, I experienced extensive headaches on a daily basis. I've seen many doctors and nothing that they did and/or suggested had any results and I kept on taking pain killers daily. Only a few months after, when one of the doctors suggested that I'll write everyday, when and as I see the pain start to emerge and just before I was about to take another pain killer. Slowly but surely, the pain was gone.


The reaction to the constant pain, on the parenting level was probably very extensive. I mean, who would want to see their child suffers? The Reaction then, was fear both of my parents and myself because no-one knew what I had and no-one considered that it wasn't anything physically but rather mentally as how I would escape my reality and suppress my experiences because I didn't have any practical tools to face myself and my world and thus, I preferred to excuse myself through creating Pain that would allow me to stay at home for instance. Thus, the Principle was Reacting to the Problem and trying to find a solution only after the problem had occur and manifested consequences on a physical level as constant pain. What was not applied within that context was Prevention, in teaching me by Example, how to take responsibility for myself and my world and within that, one could expand and grow oneself already from Childhood instead of suppressing my reality and cover up the problems by taking pain killers that would give me a momentary outlet till the pain came up again.


Meaning, we were never taught to Directly see all the Relationships that each and every point we participate with, consists of and exists; we were never taught to look at the consequential outflows of every decision we make but rather, when and as something happen, we taught to first react and then, take actions to either Solve the problem or Cover it up.


We were never taught that Prevention is: 'Pre-Even' - to Even out (Principle of Equality) all the Problems BERFORE it occur in how we would direct and move ourselves to Transform our Reactions that we have accepted and allowed within and as ourselves into a practical application of Prevention. Which means that the Parent's responsibility should and must be, showing the Child Examples of how one would Prevent a problem and accordingly, the parent would present a practical Solution that can be applied by the child.


Ok, so in the next blog, we will have a look at why Reactions acts as a distraction from seeing the Origin/Core/Source of problems and within this, how Reactions play a destructive role within and as our lives, both internally and externally.


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