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The relationship between Fear and Pain - Day 179

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2Last week, as I've indicated in my previous blogs, I experienced headache 7 days before getting period and as I've explained and showed, this specific pain was in direct relationship I had created in my mind wherein headaches are part of the Pre-Menstruation cycle as if it was the ultimate truth.


However, what about headaches during Menstruation? What belief system have I formed within and as myself that manifested the Headaches during Menstruation time - Headaches that are more likely to turn into a sever migraine?


So, 2 days ago, I was looking at the nature of the headache I had experience and I utilized the same technics that I've previously utilized, shown me by my friend, where I push a specific point in my human physical body and in doing so, the memory/thought that comes up would be the thought/memory that I will be working with, to delete, disengage and remove within self honesty, self forgiveness process.


I have found a fascinating thought structure that I've assisted and supported myself with applying immediate Self Forgiveness to release myself from recreating the next painful cycle that is connected to the relationship between the belief that Menstruation comes with headaches. The thought was:  "OMG, this headaches might not be related to Menstruation, maybe I have brain tumour"


Us human beings, are really fucked up if allowing such thoughts to manifest within and as ourselves, not seeing, realizing and understanding the consequences of accepting and allowing such thought and how through fear that activates the thought we may create things like Brain tumour for us to face what we have accepted and allowed within ourselves for instance - fear of having Cancer.


But - the pain didn't stop and when I checked within and as myself whether or not I've in fact moved through this fear however, when this thought wasn't there anymore, I moved through the dimensions of my mind and investigated what I haven't seen yet - where and how I've accepted and allowed fear to manifest as headaches as I've recently realized that our starting point within everything that we do is always related to Fears.


And so, I went back in time to look at where the headache started whenever I got period and I found that it started soon after I stopped taking pregnancy pills 4-5 years ago which led me to check and assess my starting point in taking pregnancy pills previously and what was the fear within the starting point which was - Fear of Getting Pregnant and becoming a parent. Now, it is not that I'm saying here that one shouldn't take pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy. What I'm saying is that the starting point should be based on common sense, practical living consideration within self responsibility and self honesty rather being a starting point that is based on fears. What I've seen was that the fear of getting pregnant and becoming a parent was suppressed within and as myself through taking the pregnancy pills and slowly but surely, over time, manifested as a physical pain, once a month, when having menstruation.


This point is extensive from the perspective of me requiring a real introspection and within that, sufficient time to walk through this fear, in detail and specificity and therefor, I commit myself to walk through the structure within my next blog and release myself from the fear of getting pregnant and becoming a parent within the multiple dimensions that I'm seeing within and as myself.


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