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No Sex - No Relationship - Day 167

This is a continuation to:

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Continuing with Spiritualizing Love..


When I was a spiritual person, I believed that I must purify my Body and my Sex Chakra because of my past sexual partners. I came to believe that unless I retrain sex from myself, I would never find the ONE and that I must preserve my  body for the special guy. Till then.. No sex for me.


By the time I came to India and met my 'Master', I was totally possessed by the fact that my soul is not purified, that my soul is dirty and that I must walk a cleansing process to undo what I've done.

My Female Master was working with my sex Chakra and asked me to not have sex during the time I was studying to become an Healer. And blindly, I followed her commend and what happened then?? Obviously, I met a guy.


In India, things works in a different pace in comparison to the regular city norms. We spend 2 days together, talking, getting to know each other and 2 days after, we were already living together. "But I can't have sex. It is forbidden. I want to, I can't. maybe it is fine because he is also walking a cleansing process, so maybe I should have sex. I meat, what can go wrong, we already kissed and everything.." - that was my back chat but I couldn't give in to the back chat because the thought about having un purified sex chakra was to much to carry. And facing my master the day after?! Oh no.. Can't go there.

So we didn't have sex and a week after, he decided to move out because according to him, it was too difficult to sleep in my bad without having sex and he cannot stand the temptation.


Immediately, I associated the following- Not having sex with a guy Equals to not having a relationship because the only thing a guy wants from me is sex. So, I accepted it, I let him go and within that justified why it was a good decision to not have sex with him. Inside me, I felt resentment towards this guy in particular and towards males in general.


When I came back to Israel, I met another guy. He was really sweet and kind and I even step out of my safe zone and allowed myself to go out with him on a date. But - one thing was certain - No sex, not even kissing is allowed.

So, we met a few times and slowly but surely I started developing resentment toward him and was constantly looking for fault in him. every time we met, he asked to kiss me and I said: "No". And as much as he pushed, I became more impatient until I cut it completely off.

Where I'm getting to? Well - I had a dream a few days ago which was as clear as water - no need to interpreted or make any assumptions. Me and this guy from Israel were sleeping together, we were a couple, and I did some things while he was still a sleep lol. When he woke up, he told me: "I didn't know that you are so sexually expressive" and he took some liquid form and wet the bed around me, and said that this liquid will restrain my sexuality. And I woke up.


This dream shows me that I've suppressed my sexuality to such an extent that I don't even know myself as a sexual person and that there is a still a part of me that spiritualize sex - a point that I'v not completely investigated and looked at.


So… tomorrow.








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