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Sexual Journey - Regret as Fear of Loss - Day 136

Continuing with my investigation of what I've created from a simple point of Sex and Sexuality and created layers upon layers of Judgement, opinions, excuses which from all of which I've created and manifest my own religion - My Religion of Self.


An interesting point that I came to realize lately is the derivative of the Fear of Loss -> Regret.

As I am walking back in time, observing who I am or more specifically who I was throughout my relationship Journeys and as I see what I have accepted and allowed and how I made the decisions I made, a feeling of regret flooding within and as me when a memory comes up; the back chat is like: if only I would have done things differently, how would my life would turn out to be?; I did a huge mistake, I should have stayed in that relationship; it's too late now, he already has kids; no one would never love and respect me the way he did; How stupid was I? Why couldn't I see what I had in my hands; If only.. What if.. Is it too late?


At the moment I'm in Israel for a 2 weeks visit and all my past is now busy hunting me. I hear stories about a guy I was with, I see an article on the news paper with another guy I was with, I hear that my first boyfriend got married and have kids now, I hear that most of the people I was with are already settled in with homes, wives and babies and here I am.. Doing the opposite from every route my life could ever take me, living on a farm far away from my roots, busy with something that only a few dares of doing.. Am I doing the right thing?

Should I stay here and build myself a house in Israel and try to forget the journey that I've walked thus far?


OBVIOUSLY NOT! It is just another character that I've accepted and allowed myself to take myself into and for a moment, just for a tiny moment, allowed those back chat that revealed the point of REGRET as fear of lose.

It's quite cool to have those backchat to reveal to me what and who I have accepted and allowed myself to be and become. It's quite cool to have a mirror, as my mind, to show me my deepest desires as the programming that I've programmed myself as throughout my life, with the assistance and support of my environment, culture, religion, family, friends, media etc.


What is clear now is - as long as I accept and allow those step backs into my past, as regret, I would never in fact LIVE as a physical human being because it is SOOOO easy to fall back into my back chat through the stipulation of memories and past experiences and unless I stand as the directive principle and Forgive myself for every inch of thought/feeling/emotions that I've automatically live, I've got no chance.


Regret is quite a bitchy character that I've created because it can so easily take one to self pity, self sorrow within the attempt that one would never start walking but would always remain enslave to one's past.

What was done was done and it is clear to me that I would have never be happy and satisfied with my life if I would have stayed ignorant and would never found the characters that I've created.


Like for example, the diminishment character that I've seen myself creating a while ago - that character would have played again and again within and as me, regardless of how my life would have turn out in any other scenario. I would keep comparing myself to everything and everyone and I would always find something to be jealous at, something to judge myself for, something to take myself down with no self value or respect.

I would probably compromise for a man that wouldn't support me in anyway to step out of my mind and I would be always always create myself as controlled, enslaved and dispower in absolute separation of myself. I would keep nodding and say I'm happy even though inside, I would have been miserable. I would praise and glorify my children despite the fact that they took over my life and all my worth is in making money, raise them and maybe, just maybe, would have enough to take myself into a vacation once in a while to try and achieve the desires I've installed within myself through what I hear/see in my environment.


So, Commonsensically, I cannot accept and allow those thoughts/feeling/emotions/reactions that arise from within me while walking my journey to LIFE as I see, realize and understand it is another self manipulation that I'm doing to myself so that I would give up and stop walking out from my mind and instead, scroll back into my mind, into enclosure, till I die and then… it's absolutely toooooo late.


Tomorrow - Self Forgiveness..




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