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Sexual Journey - Early Adulthood years - Part 3 - Day 135


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I commit myself to SHOW the consequences of when the parents do not have the skills to educate their children with regards to their sexuality and how with no effective communication between the parents and the children, the children would be doomed to a cycle of self sabotage where they would be forced to experience their sexuality from the mind dimension instead of establishing a physical support through sex and masturbation.


I commit myself to my own process of re-educating myself with regards to Sex with the assistance and support of the Agreement/relationship course presented by the Desteni Group as well as through listening to the interviews: What is Sex and the Shocking Secret of Masturbation within the starting point of seeing, realizing and understanding what Sex and Masturbation IS for me, what is the History of Sex and Masturbation and how to transform the starting point from Mind Sex to Physical Sex.


I commit myself to develop and establish an effective communication with my partner and to stop hiding behind my secret mind where I form all kind of fantasies and illusions that I've already seen for myself that it has no ground in the physical reality.


I commit myself to Support those who would walk the development and establishment of Programs to assist and support Parents and Children wherein the parents would be taught parenting skills that are required to raise an effective physical living human being in this world.


I commit myself to continue exposing the Patterns/characters/personalities that I've formed and manifested within and as me with regards to sexuality so that I would continue assisting and supporting myself in changing myself from mind expression to a physical expression of LIFE that is HERE and through me changing myself, I would be able to support others as a living example of what I've walked, how I've changed and what it took me to change myself as an example that a change is possible.


I commit myself to SHOW that despite of the parents not communicating with their children with regards to sexuality, the children are the exact duplicate of their parents as the resonant imprint of Sex and Sexuality is busy installed within the children's mind from the get go and thus, I commit myself to SHOW how to support Children in developing an intimate relationship with themselves to be able to develop, establish and create an effective/supportive relationship/agreement with their partner where they could grow and empower themselves according to principles of that which is best for all.


I commit myself to state the OVBIOUS again and again and again that when the parents place limits in their children lives without communicating their starting point and explaining in details the common sense perspectives, the children would go and do anything to break the limits even if it means that they would abuse and sabotage themselves on the way.


I commit myself to keep unfolding for myself my relationship to sex and sexuality because I now see, realize and understand how sex and sexuality is/was a great influence in my decision making and my entire existence and within writing myself for over a month now with regards to sex and sexuality, I realize how important it is to investigate, go deeper and expose every dimension of myself because it's clear to me now that I have never in fact lived but rather lived as the mind, in a very limited form which isn't LIFE that I would wish for myself or anyone else.


I commit myself to SHOW that what we have come as the relationship between the Mind and the Physical isn't something to take personally but instead, to see the relationship as what it is, stand in equality and oneness as what we have become, change the starting point to a best for all physical expression and stand for eternity in self honesty. Within that, I commit myself to stop my own self judgment with regards to sex and sexuality as I see, realize and understand that I never in fact had physical sex and all my judgements are a self sabotage tool that I'm using to keep my own enslavement to my own mind and within that - I'm the only one who in fact decide and through realizing that I'm the one who decide - I decide to stop judging myself and fuel my mind and instead, to continue assisting and supporting myself in every moment of every breath to align myself to myself in equality and oneness.


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