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Sexual Expression – Overview Day 112

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What is SexWithin this blog, I will be looking at the relationship between children and parents and how one evolved one's sexual expression from early childhood years into adulthood.


As a child, one do not attach, define or associate one's sexual organs with sexuality. When one touch oneself, as a child, one does it for only ONE reason - it is enjoyable, exactly like adults enjoy the touch of one's sexual organs. Only later on, Morality kicks in and the parents forbid the child from touching oneself from various types and forms of opinions, beliefs and ideas. In Essence, the Parent reacts to the Child's expression and with having no effective parenting skills education in this world, the parent isn't aware of the consequences that emerged from the first moment of reaction.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Parents are not Instructed how to Instruct Children and are thus Not Qualified to be Instructors and are thus Destructors that will even Defend their Right to Destroy their Children in spite of the Fact that if one’s not Trained in Effective Direct Instruction, one is in fact Not Qualified to have Children under one's Supervision and would Never Employ someone Unqualified to do a Job - yet the most Important Job on Earth, which is to Instruct Newborn Children, is allowed to be Instructed by Unqualified, Inadequate Trainers - resulting in a World where No One is in fact Ever Qualified or Instructed to be part of a Society that is Best for All Present on Earth; and Although lip service is paid to Ideals like ‘Love thy Neighbor as Thyself’ it is Never Actualized as the Parent as New Life Unqualified Instruction Never Learned the Practical Implication where ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself’ actually Exists. Bernard Poolman -


I have no idea whether or not I have been touching myself as I was a young kid, I can only remember the time I became aware of what I was doing and with that, came guilt, embarrassment and shame; and so, I stopped. Obviously, no one explained to me what I'm experiencing, no one walked me through the understanding of Who I am as my physical body and so, only occasionally, I would touch, just to see how does it feels because it is enjoyable, you cannot ignore something like that; I couldn't also ignore the feeling that I'm doing something wrong, so I did it secretly, while I was in the toilet room when no one was around to question why it takes me so long to get out of the toilet room. In my eye's view - I was doing something I shouldn't speak about, shouldn't be doing and I might as well keep it to myself because after all, it is my PRIVATE organs. Lol.


So, why is it that it is wrong? What is the difference between touching one's hands and touching one's 'sexual' organs? Why is it that we have accepted and allowed the touch of our nose/face/hands as normal and validated and the touch of our sexual organs as wrong, immoral, forbidden?


Where did we learn it from? Who expose us to this moral polarity? Why is it that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to separate ourselves from our human physical body organs through giving a different values to specific organs? Why is it that we have lived inside our mind, having ideas/opinions/beliefs about our bodies and haven't stood in equality and oneness with our human physical body? Have we born separate from our human physical body or is it programs that we have installed within and as ourselves according to our environment?


It is no secret that our parents teach us every thing that we are and are basically, shaping and moulding our characters to be aligned with theirs however, it was us who accepted and allowed all of those characters as who we are and in that, made the decision to separate ourselves from ourselves and become an automated memory based machines. It will then, be us, who must re-birth ourselves through daring looking inside ourselves, through all the things we have been taught to suppress; it will be US that will take the responsibility to disengage from who we have become, to be able to see who we really are. There is no point in blaming others for our faulty creations of ourselves because doing so, it is do abdicate our responsibility. Blaming is done when one isn't willing to change oneself in fact; What was done is done. Our Future though - is ours to write, as it will be measured according to what we will accept and allow, and what we won't.


Will Continue investigating this point and assist and support myself, as well as others to uncover the suppressed Sexuality that we have defined as wrong.

For further perspective and understanding what is Sex and Masturbation, I suggest listening to the EQAFE interview series:

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