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Fear of being Crucified - Self Commitments - Day 111

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676-the-crucifixion-of-the-jesus-the-sacrifice-part-2I commit myself to SHOW the Evil Human Nature of Greed and self interest desire of enslaving and controlling the majority of beings in this world, to the extent of accepting and allowing the assassination/murder of those who DARE to stand up, within and as Principles that are best for all, to bring about a change in this world that will place everything and everyone in an EQUAL position.

I Commit myself to show the Basic Common Sense Equation that The Elite of this world, are well aware of what they have accepted and allowed to manifest in this world and that they will do, what ever it takes to remain in their position of power and control with no consideration of the Atrocity conditions and suffering in this world due to the inequality equation that this world system is based on.

I commit myself to SHOW how convenient it is for us to remain in fear, to be able to maintain our self interest desire for an experience, despite of us all being aware of the real deal of this world, the real and physical pain and suffering that most of us experience in every single moment and I commit myself to SHOW the consequences of remaining in FEAR, through repeating again and again and again, the same very thing until all could hear.

I commit myself to SHOW how we perpetuate our Enslavement through reminding ourselves our fear of being crucified through the Jesus Symbols, through the memorial days of those who were killed for that which they stand within and as themselves and through this propaganda, what we are actually doing is suppressing the fear more and more within and as ourselves, not seeing, realizing and understanding what we are in fact doing, accepting the enslavement of ourselves in our mind, as well as accepting the physical enslavement of those we are daily struggling to live another day.

I Commit myself to SHOW that the fear of being Crucified/killed/murdered/assassinated for daring to stand up and call for a change in this world serves only those who are in a control and power positions in this world and though this FEAR that we accept and allow to silence us, we are directly responsible for the abuse and suffering of this world because we gave up on change as long as our bubbly world is safe and sound.

I commit myself to STOP my participation within and as the fear of being crucified as I lead the way into and towards a world that is best for all because I see, realize and understand the origin of this fear, the consequences of allowing this fear to control me and how through this fear, I'm compromising the future of this world and the lives of us all.

I commit myself to - when and as I communicate with those who do not accept, validate, agree with that which I stand as, to make sure I'm Here, within and as breath. And I speak common sense, within self trust, self stability, Self power and within that, take no shit, be frank, direct and expose that which is require to be exposed and directed so that we can for once and for all - walk as equals and change ourselves and our world according to that which is best for all.

I commit to stop the value and attention to what other see, say and speak about me because who I am is not defined by others but rather who I am is a reflection of what I will allow and what I will not and accordingly, I speak/stand up, regardless the consequences that may be.

I commit myself to walk the process of bringing about a world that is best for all and I will stop with death when and as it may be. I will not accept and allow the fear of death to compromise and sabotage this existence as a whole as I see, realize and understand the extent of our journey, the challenges, the temptation and the things that I will have to give up so that we could all have a life that is dignified, worthy and fulfilling.


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