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Investigating Sexual Expression - Self Commitments - Part 2 - Day 123

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I commit myself to SHOW that the definitions/connotations/associations that we have attached to words are the exact definitions/connotations/associations that our parents had attached and accordingly, we are passing, generation after generation a language that is based on absolute separation and in this, make sure that no one in fact stand as equal and one as the Living Words as that which is best for all.


I commit myself to show that the language that we have taught to speak is taint with Definitions as FEARS and through this, we create our FEARful reality because we haven't realize that we are in fact the Living Words and accordingly, when the words are separated from who we are and are based on fear, our creation as this world would be equal to the one as the living words and to change this world, we must change ourselves as the living words and in this, to redefine, explore, investigate each and every word and transform the word to that which is best for all so that we can create a world that is best for all and to ensure our best for all creation, we will pass on to our children the language that is based on Principle of Oneness and Equality as the living words, as ourselves.


I commit myself to take part of the establishment and development of Designing Mathematical Bio-grammatical Structures to Assist in the Re-definition of Words in Specific Detail to Always Result in Outcomes that are Best for All Life.


I commit myself to be attentive and aware to any physical changes/movements within and as my human physical body because I now see, realize and understand that those changes/movements are automated and activated through the words that I speak/hear and in that, I realized that when and as I'm reacting mentally and physically to words, I'm in that moment had abdicated my directive principle within and as the breath because I've not moved/changed/react as a self movement awareness, here, but rather automated my movement in separation of me and allowed the mind to take over and dictate me how to feel/react/move.


I commit myself to SHOW and Explain in details, as many times as necessary Why and How the words that we are living are polarized within and as Negative or Positive Charge and in this, Why it is so important that we would walk the redefining process of each and every Word we speak, Positive as well as Negative, to make sure we are no longer dictated by the experience of a words but rather a human living physical human being that are equal to and one as the living Words.


I commit myself to SHOW how and why we have been programmed and brainwashed by the Media to live a Life of self interest, where we seek for an experience in separation of ourselves and our world and have not realized, seen or understood that in essence, our self interest desire for an experience is to hide/cover/ignore our FEARS that we have deliberately created ourselves, to remain slaves to our own minds and accordingly, we have created the Media to support with our enslavement processes and to never in fact create a world/Life that is best for all.


I commit myself to SHOW in writings and vlogging How and Why FEAR and LOVE are the opposite Polarity of each other, Why and how we have created Love to Hide/Ignore/Cover our FEARS, Why and how we have created ourselves in FEAR; and Why and How, every decision we make and have made was ALWAYS based on Fears.


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