Jul 16, 2012 | By: A Woman

The Self Diminishment Character - Day 94

DSC00436The Self Diminishment Character is a very sneaky Character. The Character LIEs behind various other characters such as Self Judgement Character, Jealousy Character, Spitefulness Character, Unworthy Character, I'm not good enough Character, I'm so fucked up Character etc. however, all of these character can only exists when one is engaging the Comparison Character because unless one compare oneself to something or someone, one wouldn't be able to see oneself as unworthy, not good enough and so on.


So what is the self diminishment Character?

We tend to create a picture in our mind of who and what we should be, who and what we require to be. When a person in our environment standing according to the idea/picture that we have created in our mind and we are not yet standing as that picture/idea, the Self Diminishment Character is activated through comparing ourselves to the idea we have about ourselves through projecting that picture/idea onto the being in our environment.


What self does from that moment onward is quite fascinating:

Self will jump from one character to another in the attempt to Balance the emotions and feelings that self is participating with. As we have seen, the Self Diminishment Character will activate the moment that the idea/picture that one has in one's mind about oneself doesn't stand in alignment to the physical reality when and as One is accessing the Comparison Character. Instantaneously, self will access the Jealousy Character and the feelings within and as oneself will be in a form of heaviness within and as one's chest area. What self is busy with now is the self Judgment Character within and as the experience of: I'm not good enough, why can't I be like this being, why haven't I changed already, Why am I so fucked up, I should have been perfect already, I should have known that already….


These Characters carry a negative emotional charge and so, Self will attempt to Balance the Negative emotional charge through accessing the Spiteful Character wherein Self will look at and search for all the memories self hold onto the other being to find faults within and as the other being.

However, the spitefulness in one's mind towards the other being can last for so long, until the cycle restart itself and self will access again to the Self Diminishment Character through comparing the being to the picture/idea in one' mind and start feeling sorry for oneself and continuously feed self with self pity.


As all Characters, the Self Diminishment Character can only exists within one's self interest for an experience through comparison. The idea/picture that one has about oneself in one's mind, is to serve one point only - one's interest to be More than who one IS within the belief that when Self will be 'More', Self would be able to define oneself as Superior to others and special.


However, when Self access the Diminishment character by utilising comparison, there are 2 scenarios that might manifest:

1. Self has already given up on the idea/picture that one has about oneself because self can no longer be so Special as there is another being that took the spot. And so, self will now create an alternate idea/picture in one's mind to be able to position oneself as Special and Superior according to one's mind.

2. Self became "motivated" even more to be and manifest the idea/picture that self has about oneself and will find the places where self can be More than the other being according to one's mind to be able to step up in the spot light and get the recognition from one's environment.


What we have not realized was that the being that we are busy comparing ourselves to, is standing as an example of what we are able to be and become if we dare ourselves to step out of our own self interest of an experience to be special, and simply learn from this being and expand ourselves.

Another point that we've missed was that one require to walk a time line in relation to developing the skills required to be able to effectively become the expression one is jealous at.


Anna Brix - Equality Process Blog said...

Awesome blog here Maya - very cool explanation of how one accept and allow oneself to assume the self-diminishment character for oneself.


Mike Lammers said...

That we are busy comparing ourselves to an example of what we are able to be and become

IF we step out of our own self interest to be special, and simply learn from what we experience and expand ourselves.

And THAT will require one to walk a time line in order to develop the skills that enables one to effectively become what one is jealous at.

Cool dissecting of major self sabotage within and as self-diminishment

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