Jul 15, 2012 | By: A Woman

The real truth about intelligence - Day 93

This is a continuation to:

I commit myself to show that it is NOT thinking that allow us to exists, it is the very physical reality as interconnectedness relationships that allow me to exists. And that the fact of the matter is, that we, the human beings who are able to thinking are abusing and harming the life forces that gives us life by our deliberate ignorance within and as our starting point of self interest desire for MORE.

I commit myself to educate myself with regards to everything that is here in terms of how ALL works and functions and within that, sustaining the Balance within our interconnectedness that I've abused thus far through my deliberate ignorance and lack of responsibility which I've defined within and as my so called intelligent as I see, realize and understand that intelligent doesn't mean a thing but to empower my own EGO and has nothing practical whatsoever to sustain a LIFE that is best for all.

I commit myself to respect the life forms that gives us LIFE because I see, realize and understand that without it, we are all doomed and thus, this is a shout out to all that unless we stop the abuse of the nature and the animals with the establishment of the Equal Money System, it is inevitable that consequences will manifest; consequences that we could have stopped if we become self honest, educate ourselves and our environment and stand together as LIFE and create a LIFE that is best for all.

I commit myself to show that we have defined ourselves as intelligent because we born into Money that could buy us education to be able to defined us as educated and intelligent and that without Money, we wouldn't be able to defined ourselves as such.

I commit myself to stand up and shout out again and again, until the message will be clear and understandable for everyone - we are the KEY in making sure that ALL have Equal opportunity for LIFE, for Education, For health, for Food, for Water etc. if we dare ourselves to step out of our self interest characters and consider all Lives as Equals so that we can return to our Physical character and establish LIFE that is best for all in all ways possible.

I commit myself to support those who will walk the practical development and establishment of a new World Education system that will support all the children and parents in this world to be and become what they could always have been - effective Human Being that walk, move and direct themselves according to principles of what is best for all and within that, work together will all the life forms that gives us life in absolute interdependency and interconnectedness, in respect to one another so that abuse, harm and suffer will be no more. 


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