Apr 21, 2015 | By: A Woman

Self-Empowerment - Practical Living (Part 1) Day 509



In starting to be aware of our preprogram tendencies of reactions for example, it is one thing to be aware of our reactional tendencies but it is a whole different ball game to actually do something about it and practically change our living behavior to one that is of self-integrity and self-worth. What do I mean by that?


Our mind is intertwined with so many layers of information which we stored inside ourselves over the years. Layers of information would be memories, experiences, beliefs, opinions, emotions and feelings that we have attached to internal and/or external stimulations as for instance - pictures and images, smells, voice tonality, body language and so forth. So when an external or internal picture is coming up in our reality, we will have a specific pattern that we will follow, based on the layers of information that we have stored inside of ourselves. For example: Let's say that we see a picture in our reality of luxurious car that we have associated with wealth and success and as we see that car, lines of information is starting to come up in our minds:


-> Seeing luxurious car

->-> Memory of someone saying that if you have this car, it mean that you've become successful in this world

->->-> But oh shame, I don't have this car nor will I have in my future

->->->-> this means that I am a failure

->->->->-> How can I be successful?

->->->->->-> It is not my fault that I am not yet successful, it is the system fault

(or my parents fault, or my employees fault and so on)


->->I am so jealous at the guy that is driving that car

->->-> He must have a lot of money

->->-> He must have lots of women around him

->->-> He must have extraordinary life

->->->-> I am useless

->->->->-> I wish I could have so much money

->->->->->-> My life is going nowhere


->-> I hate my car

->->-> I need to take my car for a service

->->->-> this is going to cost so much money

->->->->-> where will I get the money for the service

->->->->->-> maybe I should take another loan from the bank

->->->->->->-> OMG I don't know what to do


->-> I hope my wife didn't see that car

->->-> because then she will be frustrated with me for not making so much money

->->->-> I hope my wife won't leave me for a rich guy

->->->->-> I must do something special for my wife

->->->->->-> But what will I do? I don't have money to spend on luxury stuff for my wife.


So this is just an example of how one image of a luxurious car can activate chain of thoughts/information inside of ourselves based on the experiences/memories/emotions/feelings that we have associated with that image or picture of for instance, a luxurious car.


What we must realize here is the quantum speed of how information moves in our minds - we may not be aware of all the information that moved in our minds, we may not remember that we actually had these thoughts coming up in that singular moment of when we saw the luxurious car because the information moved so fast inside of ourselves where we shifted so quickly from one set of information to the next set of information. I mean how many times we found ourselves asking ourselves: "How did I start thinking about that topic now? How did I get to think about that now?"


Being aware of these lines of thoughts in its structure like has described above is one of the first steps that one must look at in their process of change. For that, if you haven't already, I suggest investigating and investing in Self Development, Empowerment and Awareness course to assist you with getting to know how your mind has been conditioned to the layers of information that you have layered inside of yourself over the years as well as learning the self-help tools that you are able to apply for yourself to empower yourself to change your conditioned behavioral patterned to a living application of growth and worth. For more information, please visit: Life Skills & Self-Mastery Online Courses


In the next post we will move from being aware of the structural lines of information to practical living in how to assist and support ourselves to actually move from the mind reality that is limited to the layers of information we stored inside of ourselves into the physical reality where possibilities and opportunity of self-empowerment and change actually exists.





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