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The Truth about Santa Claus and Christmas (Part 2) - Day 430

This is a continuation to my previous blog post - The Truth about Santa Claus and Christmas (Part 1) - Day 429 where we started to look at some fascinating points in relation to Christmas and Santa Claus.


Today, we will have a look at the relationship between Santa Clause and Consumerism - who is responsible for the Santa Claus Phenomena?  why Santa Claus is such a big thing and what's in it for the Elite in this world?


Many believes that Coca Cola is the driving force behind Santa Claus. Many Believes that Coca Cola created Santa Claus as we know it today. When I first heard about the involvement of Coca Cola with Santa Claus creation, I thought: "Oh well, I'm not surprise" as Coca Cola and other big corporations have shaped our wants/needs/desires via the media for decays as was well explained in the Documentary - "The Century of the Self".


So I did some research and I found another fascinating point - the tendency to believe information without investigating the sources and the consequences thereof meaning - we tend to believe the information that is in alignment with out pre-exited belief system and when we come across something that make sense to us, we just take it as it is without doing any effort in checking whether or not the information is valid and authentic. The Santa Claus and Coca Cola is a great example for how conspiracy theory is created as one pulls bits of information, create an idea within oneself instead of firstly investigate all things and accordingly, make informative decision.


This is thus to set the record straight - Santa Claus and his red white suit was created before Coca Cola; Coca Cola used what was 'here' to promote their product like any other marketing company does. The fact is that Santa Claus's suit was originally green back when he was known as St Nicholas (as explained in my previous blog) but over the years, the colors of his suit changed a few times until eventually, the red and white remains even before Coca Cola.


In the early 1930's, Coca Cola faced problem with sales in some European countries due to the depression after the War and in difficult economic times, it is very hard to market unknown product and infiltrate the product into a new market.

What Coca Cola realized is - if we get the children to like our promotions, the parents will buy the product and so, they investigated children's stories to see which one they can use to promote their product. St Nicholas fit with the requirement from 2 reasons -

  1. What he stood as within that time - as someone who gives gifts and joy to children.
  2. The colors of his suit that matched the Coca Cola colors.

The Europeans didn't know that Coca Cola used one of their stories to promote their product and for most parts, they believed that America has a similar story similar to their own and therefore, they embraced Coca Cola and started to consume the product. 


So this is how Coca Cola infiltrate the Market by using the Santa Claus symbol and obviously, when something works, you stick to it and so, Coca Cola pushed the Santa Claus symbol over time until Santa Claus was recognized by all as Coca Cola.


Realize that Just because Coca-Cola didn’t invent our modern image of Santa, it doesn’t mean that advertising didn’t had anything to do with these images of Santa Claus in our minds. Again, let me refer you to 'The Century of the Self' to gain a better understanding of how Corporation uses Psychological techniques to shape and mold our consumption habits.

Santa Claus is associated with Joy, Happiness and the Holiday's Spirit and by associating Coca Cola with these components, unconsciously we expect to feel these feelings when drinking Coca Cola.


So for the Conspiracy theorist among us - understand that with spreading such rumors without a solid foundation, you are missing the most important point. Here, is it not so much about Coca Cola and its involvement with Santa Claus - it is about us as a society that lost any form of equality as a practical living application wherein, what St Nicholas originally stood for, as a principle of 'Give as you would like to Receive' , was missed due to the use of a symbol that was taken out of context for profit purposes. Over the years, there was nothing left of St. Nicholas' message but what was created was a consumerized society that is driven by propaganda, fear and manipulation until nothing of importance is remain. This is a concern for all of us and I strongly suggest that you become aware of how we were manipulated into becoming consumerized robots without any real value and what is our responsibility within it all. Understand that pointing fingers and blaming the big corporations will not make any change because it was always us who accepted and allowed ourselves to follow our feelings and emotions as the foundation from which we allowed ourselves to be manipulated from the get go.



Sofia Cadavid said...

También la coca cola tiene su parte en cuanto a la sustancia que utiliza y es por eso que la gente adicta a la coca cola no puede parar de tomarla , sin contar con los danos que produce en el cuerpo. Gracias por compartir. Cuando cambio mi pariticipacion y relación con mi mente/programa, a través del respiro consciente, estoy creando lo que es mejor para toda vida aquí.

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