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The Truth about Santa Claus and Christmas (Part 1) - Day 429



Have you ever wondered what is the Santa Claus story and how it is related to Christmas? Have you ever wondered why Santa Claus outfit is Red and White colors? Have you ever wondered about the relationship between Santa and Consumerism? Brainwashing?


Well, I have and therefor  I decided to do a research on the phenomena of Christmas, Santa Claus and what I found fascinating stuff.


I didn't know a thing when I started to investigate the point because as a Jew, we don't have Christmas or Santa Claus and fascinating enough, when I asked non Jewish people no one actually knew the history of Santa Claus nor Christmas. One person said to me that they are not really sure what Santa Claus is all about but there is defiantly something to do with Coca Cola in how they branded Santa Claus to be associated with the Coca Cola product (Which I will expand on in blogs to come); so I decided to start looking it up on the internet and here is what I found:


The Story of Santa Claus:


The very beginning of the phenomenon known as Santa Claus of course all started with the famous Saint Nicholas, of Myra, a priest in the 4th Century...

..There was a family that lived near (not yet Saint) Nicholas that was so broke that the father decided to sell his three daughters into marriage. The eldest was to go first but Nicholas felt sympathetic for the girl and he tossed money down the family's chimney so they would not have to sell her. When the second daughter was old enough to be sold, he did the same thing. Finally, when the youngest daughter was in danger, the girls father stayed up to catch Nicholas in the act. Nicholas became a Saint and years later people began exchanging gifts on SainT Nicholas Day, December 6. This however eventually changed to the 25th to suit Jesus.


Here is a nice story about a nice guy that decided to give a secret charity to one family so that they won't have to sell their daughters into marriage as an accepted action done for the sake of survival within the economic system. So already back then, poverty played a huge role in our society and yet, instead of correcting the source of the problem that is rotted within our historical economic system, a costume was created to cover up the mass by giving the people hope as something to look forward to, to the spirit of the holidays, to momentary happiness or in other words, a costume was created as a smoke screen of the real problem so that we could all focus on celebrations, parties and gifts while the poverty is a status-quo we have all accepted as integral part of our society.


So now, 16 centuries later, no one even know what is the Santa Claus Principle is based on, the principle of Give as you would like to Receive as a fundamental structure of Equalized Society but we rather limited the principle to only Give Gifts, Receive Gifts on a specific day/time and at the same time, completely ignore the entirety of what the principle of Give as you would like to Receive is as a living expression of ourselves wherein it is not just our loved ones that will be receiving what we would also like to receive from them, but primarily, to  give each and every being in this world the birth right to live as a basic human right.


The picture of Santa Claus within this blog is specific - we will talk about it more within the next blog though have a look at the colors of Santa Claus' outfit - it is Blue and Brown. Interesting stuff ahead - stay tuned.



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