Nov 16, 2013 | By: A Woman

We are the slaves of our Brain - Day 424

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 Today I met a guy in town and we started talking about what I do in South Africa. I told him about LIG and what we as an international group are busy with. It was no surprise to me that he told me: "Good Luck - you are doing a very important work and I admire you - you must be strong against the challenges that you will face".


That is a common statement I hear from people that I speak with - they all see the importance of changing the economic and political structure of this world but I haven't yet faced a being that said to me - "it is my responsibility as a human being to stand for such change and do what is necessary to be done to manifest it".


When I came back home, I read an article about "consumerism psychology" where they explained how there is a part of our brain that is activated when we see something that we want or value. They call it the 'reward activation' but when we see the price of what we want/value, another part of the brain is activated, namely insula,  which interestingly enough, it is the part of the brain that is activated when people feel physical and emotional pain. In other words - it is painful to give something we care about even if we want it. In Consumerism psychology it is known that if the value of what we want is more than the value of what we have to give up (Money), then we will buy the product.


So within the context of seeing the importance of a global change that would give each and everyone of us the basic human right to live and within that, seeing the reward within having such system in place, when we think about what we on a personal level have to do to establish such change, the Insula activates in our brain where we unconsciously feel pain that restrain us from taking the responsibility of standing up for a change. Practically, it is when we step back and admire others walking towards a cause/change but we would decide to do nothing to help.


This shows that the decision to stand up for a worthwhile change in the economic and political systems, a change that would benefit everyone on all level of lives, is controlled by our brain without our awareness. It also explain why the resistance for a change on a physical level exits - it is preprogrammed mechanism installed in our brain that activates every time we require to make a decision that is not part of our comfort zone where we have to decide whether the value of our self interest is less or more than the value of that which is best for all.


So people - now that we understand the physiological design of decision making in relation to such important issue of worth while global change, we must investigate within ourselves who we are within the decision - are we able to step out of our preprogrammed physiological design where we are enslaved to our own brain, or whether we would change the pattern within ourselves and commit to investigate all things to keep that which will be best for everyone?


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