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The sins of the Fathers - Day 425

Copyright © 2009 Kirk Richards"Why children don't eat their greens: Survival instinct means youngsters are genetically programmed to avoid plants in case they are poisonous.."


"Children who don't eat their vegetables may be using their inherited survival instinct, a study has shown. Dr Annie Wertz and Dr Karen Wynn, both psychologists at America's Yale University, wrote the study on how children behave around plants.."

"..They believe this behaviour is progammed into children from birth to avoid them being harmed or poisoned by flowers or plants..."



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I found this article fascinating because it is one step into the recognition that we are genetically preprogramed to make unconscious decisions regarding what we like, what we dislike, who we are, how we behave, our personality and so forth. It seems that it is easy to conceptualize a small point such as the love/hate relationship to vegetable, fruits and plants but it is quiet a different story when we take this point one step further within the question - Who we are then?

Is all I am is preprogram human robot? Am I living the Sins of the fathers without my awareness? Is my personality was predetermine by my genetic preprogramming?


There is a enormous resistance to even consider that who we are is nothing but a result of a predetermine programming which we had no free choice within. It is 'ok' as long we are talking about our relationship to fruits/vegetable/plants but when we dare to question all that we like or dislike, our behavior, our mind, ourselves, we tend to put our heads in the ground to forget that this question (thought) even crossed our mind.


But, if what we like to eat and what we don't like to eat is determine by genetic preprogramming, is it not that every single decision we made without our complete and absolute awareness, implies that the decision was predetermine/preprogrammed and we are just sitting on the back sit of our mind?


If we then carry the sins of our fathers within our genetic preloaded design, what chance do we really have? Meaning, if we look at the History, we might define ourselves as evolved human beings but in reality, our world is becoming more and more chaotic and within the concept of carrying the sins of the father on a genetic physical level, our children will automatically continue to walk our path which we can already see, leads to a total madness, destruction and eradication of this planet.


So, it starts with the realization that the fruits/vegetable/plants we like/dislike is predetermine by our genetic programming. It continues with the willing to take a closer look at each and every aspect of our mind, to investigate who and what we have become as preprogrammed/predetermine genetic organic robot and it ends with taking responsibility for what we have become to stop the cycle of ignorance both within as without.


Investigate DIP Lite (FREE) to get the basic understanding of the preprogramming and dare to question what was shared in this blog. You might be surprise if you dare to self honestly look.




Jack Baldwin said...

Very cool, from my mmorpg life as a game mentality you just described the difference between a PC, and an NPC. what I've come to understand is till you even become aware there is a difference, you do not generally exercise true choice

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