Nov 1, 2013 | By: A Woman

Controlling the moment through with unresolved point from the past - Day 420

Have you ever experienced a friction with a close friend or a family member wherein, you tried to get your way, they didn't agree with you and so, with your attempt to control the moment, you started bringing moments from the past, moments that are taint with blame and anger towards the friend/family member,  so that they would now feel guilty and so, agree with you?


Yes, this happened to all of us isn't it?


What we are actually doing is using Manipulation to Control the desirable outcome by generating guilt within the other so that they would change their mind and agree with what we are proposing. The thing is that for us, it all looks valid, it all make sense from the perspective of we were right in the past and we are right now though what is not see, realize and understood is the energy reactions from which we bring the past here, from the starting point of making the other feel guilty so that we can get what we want.


So, here is another example of how we direct a moment within the starting point of control, using all sort of energy tactics to get the desirable outcome without stopping for a moment and looking at all the dimensions, relationships are involved in this moment of time. We are so consumed by what we want that we are not able to effectively direct ourselves and/or our relationships with others .


Now, within the example above where we bring past moments here, in the attempt of getting things our way - what this implies is that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to accumulate resentment, blame, anger and so forth without effectively direct these points within ourselves and/or our physical reality. It is like, when things happened, we abdicate our responsibility to effectively solve problems and when a similar moments arrives, we use the past moment for our "advantage" so to speak without realizing that we got ourselves into a time loop wherein, we didn't solve the problem in the past, the problem occur again and now, within a reaction, we are trying to plaster our way out without again, taking responsibility to direct ourselves and/or our environment.


Keeping moments in our minds, without directing points that needs to be directed is not cool as we are accepting and allowing mediocrity to be part of our lives, let problems re-manifest, because for some reason, we were not able to stand and direct the moment. The resentment, anger or anything else that comes up - it is not towards the other, it is towards ourselves for missing in the past a window of opportunity to take responsibility and direct ourselves and/or our physical reality. 


So, when a point comes up in your environment where you see that you are able to effectively propose a solution and/or take responsibility for the point - do so; otherwise, let it unconditionally go so that in the future, you won't use that moment to control a new moment to achieve your desirable result. This practically means, moving from reactions to solutions wherein we assist and support ourselves to live moment by moment as a living principle. If you see that you bring a moment from the past to make a point - it is a red flag for yourself - it is a window of seeing what you have missed in the past, how you can correct the point and within that also, accept the consequences you have brought upon yourself by not directing yourself effectively in the past. This means, that you are no longer trying to control the consequences but instead from this point onward, investigating how you can prevent the point from reoccurring, take responsibility and direct yourself/environment by and through living principles of that which is best for all.


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