Aug 21, 2013 | By: A Woman

Why do we wait till it's too late? - Day 409

When someone close to you unexpectedly died, the thought: "but why now? There is so much more we could have done together" is popping up in one's mind.
When looking at the nature of the thought I saw a fascinating design -

How many moments we spend with each other and take it for granted; how many times we spend a moment with another but can't wait till the moment to end so we can go and do something else that may or may not give us more pleasure; How many times we are in the company of another but at the same time, judge them; how many times we have actually embarrass the moment we share with another, actually being 'here' with another, actually care and unconditionally were interested in the expression of the other?

We take the moments we have on this earth recklessly within the starting point of what would I gain from this moment, how can this moment play out in the best outcome for me? And then, when suddenly someone is dead, all of a sudden we feel sad, feel that we didn't spend enough time with that person, that we miss the person and we say to ourselves that if we had known this person is going to die, we would have done thing differently. But would we really?
Are we really walking moment by moment to its utmost potential? Are we really caring and cherishing each other? Do we really care about the person that had died or we care about what the person could have given us that we believe we cannot give to ourselves?

Why is it that we only wake up when it is too late; that we can only stand when another falls; that we can only change if something terrible is happening. Why can we not just change as a principle of What is best for all life?
As above as Below - the same principle persists not only when someone close to use dying, it is also our attitude towards this world/earth as a whole - Why are we waiting for the world to reach the point of no return when we know that when we reach that point it is absolute, is it like death, there is really no return.

It is time to do some house-check or mind-check, if you will, and unconditionally investigate what stops us from standing up by principle of that which is best for all life and practically change? What fears comes up, what thoughts comes up, what is it inside us through which we accept and allow the diminishment of ourselves and thus this world? Why do we live in constant regret upon the things that we could have done instead of simply correct, align and change that which needs to be changed?

So it is now the time to understand that regret is not valid; that regret doesn't make us good people; regret won't change the living conditions of us all; what is valid is a decision to STOP participating with our own self interest designs and to instead truly and self honestly question ourselves and this world so that we can individually and collectively make the decision to walk moment by moment as Life that is best for all, as a living expression of ourselves.

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