Jul 10, 2013 | By: A Woman

Why do I write my Journey to Life - Day 399

The truth is that there is almost no day that I don't face resistance to start writing my blog.

It is a subtle resistance that is almost undefined but it is there. Even after 399 days of writing, the resistance is still existent since writing isn't part of how I programmed myself to exists as.


So I remind myself Daily about my responsibility in writing as my window to express myself and make a difference in this world in a controlled and protected environment where I'm not physically exposed to abusive behaviours of those who do not agree with the words I stand as.


I remind myself my responsibility in standing as an example of consistency in breaking the chains of my own programming is possible.


I remind myself my responsibility in educating myself with everything that is not taught in the Academia or in the schooling system so that I can see for myself what is really here, what needs to be done and how to practically do it to prevent potential problems we all face and accordingly, share this in writing.


I remind myself that I'm part of a group that consists of individuals and that each individual is a brick in the wall that must stand as a pillar for this world and when one brick is cracked and no longer functional, the entire wall is unstable, unbalanced and eventually will fall and thus, I must make sure that I won't be the one who create the crack in the wall/group because at the end of the day, I want to live with myself knowing I've done everything possible to be a functional brick in this world.


I remind myself how supportive it is to read other people's blogs in the sense of not having to walk through what they have faced physically, because they have shared their process, their realizations, what they have done to support themselves and accordingly, all I have to do is correct the point within myself and prevent unnecessary time loops that I would have walked if I have not read their process and applied myself accordingly.


I remind myself that the excuse and justifications I have in the back of my mind, as back chats, are not valid and that if I listen to myself speaking bullshit in my mind, I'm accepting my own limitations that I've created for and as myself. Within this, I remind myself that resisting writing takes longer than the writing itself and in essence this entire resistance process is counterproductive.


I remind myself the times before I started writing and how unstable I was and how I slowly but surely became stable within myself with the support I'm gifting myself with writing.


I remind myself that I have one life to live and in that one life, I must do everything possible to be heard, to educate and to support myself and others in this world


And so I write.


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