Jul 15, 2013 | By: A Woman

Forgetting a child in the Car to Die Phenomena - Introduction - Day 400

imageYesterday, I read about another case of a baby being forgotten in the car for a few hours and as such, had died from hyperthermia. It was two weeks after another incident where a baby was forgotten in the car for 7 hours and so, I was intrigued to investigate this phenomena and understand how is it that more and more reports about parents forgetting their children in the car is now in a process of acceleration. In  no way I was expecting to open up the news today and find out that in less than 24 hours, another baby was left in the car and unfortunately had died a few hours ago - http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4405270,00.html


Our "natural" tendency is to immediately blame the parents and defined them as untrustworthy,  inadequate or irresponsible parents but this blogs is not about finding faults within the individuals but to rather firstly understand that there IS a problem and secondly to present and support with solutions to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Currently the solutions discussed in the governments around the world, by the name of prevention, would not entirely prevent the problem as the real problem was not yet identified nor understood and as such, was not appropriately addressed.


Before I start, a point to consider for all of us who are rushing into finding faults and pointing fingers - we normally tend to judge that which we do not understand so having that in mind, pointing fingers and blaming others before one had research and investigated the relationship between the mind, the physical body, environmental influences and memory related to the phenomena of parents forgetting their children in the car, is counterproductive, unsupportive and abdication of self responsibility in terms of investigating all things and walk the solutions that are best for all.


There is no effective world wide track record regarding these instances of children dying from hyperthermia due to being left in a car and thus, there is no scientifically or mathematical conclusion that I am able to share here and therefore, what would be shared in the following blogs are guessumptions based on the information that I've gathered, my own understanding of the mind in relation to memory and common sense.


Within the blogs ahead we will take a closer look at the dimensions/relationships involve with the parents forgetting their children in the car to die phenomena.


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