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Forgetting a child in the Car to Die Phenomena - Consumerized Vampires - Part 3 - Day 403

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So the question to ask is - is it really that there are more deaths of babies in a hot car as a result of the parents momentary "memory failure" or is it just that it has been more reported now while this destructive pattern had always remained the same? The answer to this question is unknown as there is no effective track record of these instances for some unexplained reason.
The Heatstroke Deaths of Children in Vehicles by the Department of Geosciences, San Francisco state university collected the media REPORTED heatstroke deaths and they have found:

Obviously, there is no way to cross reference this information and to be able to come to a conclusion whether or not this pattern is stable or not or whether the reported news are influenced by market hidden (corporational) forces - there is no way to tell as there is no governmental guideline that track this phenomena within the starting point of prevention is the best cure; but there is something very interesting that I have found when I asked what happened in 2010 where the reported heatstroke deaths were rapidly reported and the answer was found within the following article:

"Another reason for child fatalities inside vehicles may have something to do with laws that put children in the back seat to avoid airbags.
Numbers out of the U.S. show that heat stroke deaths for children left in cars have been dramatically on the rise since laws forced children to sit in the backseat to avoid high-powered airbags.
“As soon as that happened we saw these heat stroke deaths of children being forgotten in the car reach an all-time high, I mean they just blew up. It went from a couple a year to maybe 30 or 40 a year,” Rollins said.
“It has far surpassed the number of children being killed by airbags,” she added.
In 1997 there were 29 airbag related deaths in the U.S., and 11 children died in vehicles from heat stroke. In 2010 airbag deaths have all but been eliminated, but 49 children died inside cars from heat stroke"

Thus here is a fatal example of acts that are done within the Name of Prevention yet without proper tools to be able to make a fundamental assessment as to what would be the consequences of pacing the baby in the back sit of a car, the result achieve are far worse than what was intendant to be prevented. The reason is that the relationship between memory, physical body, and environmental influences were not taken into consideration, a proper research was not done and as a result the number of death doubled itself and till this day, the law was not adjusted/aligned. The real question is why wasn't the law adjusted? Who benefits from having enforced acts that are clearly do not support Life?

With the airbag and forcing the babies to sit on the back of the car scenario, the problem was the increase amount of car accidents people were (and still are) participating with and not as much the placement of a baby in the front or the back of the car. That is just an outflow of a problem we have accepted to be valid which is car accidents. Here, instead of understanding the core/source of the problem, which is the increasing car accidents all over the world and its relationship to the mind, the physical body and environmental influences (both individually and collectively), the solutions were diverted to a quick fix solution that would only benefit the corporation but in no way corrects and prevent car accident from reoccurring and life to be taken so lightly. 

The same point exists within the scenario of heatstroke deaths caused by what the experts defined as "memory failure" of the parent wherein the solutions that are provided to "prevent" these problems are mostly in the benefit of the corporations who took a marketing advantage to promote their products (as was explained in the previous blog) as a solution for parents to not forget their children in the cars and yet, an absolute solution that would eliminate the problem, has not yet to been presented or even thoroughly investigated and accordingly the resources were diverted to places where profit can be made instead of to sources that would provide the support and guidance required to make sure that nothing and no one would ever be compromised due to dysfunctional memory system that leads to fatal consequences. Quite to the contrary - the justification to not move to a best for all solution is that there is not so many deaths to justify educational campaign where parents can be supported in taking responsibility over their automated memory structure and to instead become aware of their physical surrounding.

One thing is certain, we are existing in a consumerized vampires world where we would not miss a chance to make money out of a problem by diverting the resources, the time, the labour and the means to a solution that if anything, only worsening the problem instead of identify the source of the problem and preventing it from occurring within an ultimate solution that can in fact be trusted.

So, if you really serious about finding solutions that can practically work within this physical reality, I suggest to start investigating 3 points -
The Equal Money System, the Living Income Guaranteed, and the Free online Life Skills course - DIP Lite.


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