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Forgetting a child in the Car to Die Phenomena - Memory Failure - Part 2 - Day 402




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And - Forgetting a child in the Car to Die Phenomena -Memory Failure - Part 1 - Day 401


Scientific research that were done about the Memory of the human being shows that in essence, within the current design of the human mind, memory cannot be trusted as memory can be influenced by one's environment and can easily be altered/changed or lost. In some cases, fatal consequences are involved such as forgetting the thing one's value the most in the car to die - one's own flesh and blood baby.

The thing is that this statement above isn't a direct conclusion that was stated within any of the scientific research but if one look at the point in self-honesty, one can see that one has no real control over one's memory as one is subjected to environmental influences that would determine the outcome of events.


What is also certain is that an effective solution was not yet presented by the scientific arena but instead, a consumerised regime was born out of the concept of memory failure and so, humans left unprotected within their own mind while physical consequences take part in this process we primarily call life.


For instance, as I've mentioned in the first blog in this series, last week there were two cases of babies being forgotten in the car and died. In Israel, it is the fifth reported incident of baby dying in the car this year and yet, it was said in the National safety authority that this amount of babies dying this year does not justify a parental education campaign but instead another minister had promise to implement a distribution of devises that would assist some of the parents, those who would receive the devise, to not forget their child in the car however obviously, this doesn't solve the problem as the core/source of the problem was never in fact identified, addressed and handled to a point of correction. It is on the other hands, assist and support the corporations quite effectively isn't it?

This simply raise the questions:

What is more important - Money or Life?

Why are we waiting for more death to manifest before we move to a dignify solution that involves with extensive work with the parents, educating them in understanding how the mind really works and functions within its relationship to one's individually and collectively environment ?


If our child's life is dependent on our memory and we do not have control of our memory (which is something that has been demonstrated time after time) and it is certainty something that cannot be trusted - what does that say about our parenting capability? Nevertheless our human's capability?

What does it say about the decisions that we make? About the History we live by? What does it say about each and every one of us?


It is extremely easy to ignore the problem by consumerising a solution, which would be demonstrated on my next blog, but it is about time that each one of us would stand as one's own authority within and as oneself to a point of absolute awareness to everything that is Here without the requirement of devices that we need to be dependent on to remind us of our responsibility?


We bring to this world an innocent human being and we hope that they will grow up to their utmost potential without understanding that the child can never be more than what we are as the child would become our exact copy of what we have become. We must understand that for the child to become effective in this world, we must become effective in this world and to do so, we must take self-responsibility and walk a process of establishing self-authority over our own created memory and to thus align our living application to an absolute awareness to everything that is here in each and every breath. We must establish an effective Self Cross-Reference system that is not dependent on devices to remind us that there is Life all around us and that we are not alone in this world as Life is interdependent relationships where each one is a brick in a giant wall wherein only together, we can stand firm, absolute, stable as one.


More on the relationship between Consumerism and the Death of a Child in the car will be discussed on my next blog.



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