May 20, 2013 | By: A Woman

Murder by the name of Capitalism - Day 371


The unpredictability of the mind strike again and today a person lost his mind over 6000 NIS which are equal to something around 1500 USD worth of debt that he was unable to settle with his bank. This led him to make the irrational decision to go back to the bank with a gun and to murder 4 people. SO 5 people were killed today over 1500 USD. Strange things like that can only occur with our "Perfect" Capitalism system that pushes the individuals to act in insane ways where the individual become completely demonized to a point of making decisions that are in no way decisions that the individual would have done otherwise.



Four dead in Be'er Sheva bank shooting; assailant releases hostage and kills himself

"Israel Police investigating possibility that the assailant, a Jew in his 40s, committed the attack following a dispute with the bank management over a NIS 6,000 overdraft. " (Haaretz)


So before you go and blame the poor person for killing 4 people; before you go and judge the person for being insane; before you hate the person for doing such a thing understand one thing - it is not that this man killed 5 people including himself, it is the system that we ourselves have created through our directly and indirectly acceptances and allowances over generations. We sit back and let things happen, always hoping for the best while abdicating our power of actually making the decision to change the capitalistic system to a system that support, protect and honor all lives so that no one would ever lose their mind and kill people over 1500 USD.


The unpredictability of the mind was explained in detail in the interview:

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Moving from Unpredictability to Predictability to Self Trust


Understand that it isn't an individual case; it isn't rare and it is going to accelerate as the system keeps on pushing the individuals over the edge. We can stop that though, if we really care about Life as much as we say we do. See, the problem is that we say one thing and our actions (or inactions in the case of this world system) says otherwise. We say that we care about life, about people, and yet, we do not care that the lives of the majority in this world is not the life that any of us would like to experience; we say that we care about humans but we do nothing of worth to change the system to a system that would really care, in practical and measurable actions, about all living beings. We feel bad when people get killed by an insane individual that flipped over a debt he couldn't pay off but we do not make sure that no one will ever be in debt but rather have access to all the opportunities and possibilities that we have because we were simply born to the right side of the equation.


So - prove that you care and join the Equal Money System Movement that is based on actual care, respect, support and honor of all living beings on earth.


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