Apr 24, 2013 | By: A Woman

Finish Everything on your Plate! - Day 355

Continuing with the Question Who is Responsible for our Children's Education?


Recent research has shown the relationship between Child Obesity and Parents ever going request: "Finish every on your plate". (Source: Parents who tell children to finish everything on their plates are 'fuelling obesity').


So what do we teach our children? Are we teaching them that food cannot be wasted? Are we teaching them the value of food?  Are we teaching them that it is Bad to not finish everything that is on your plate? Are we teaching them that it is impolite to not finish the food? Are we teaching them that they must feel guilty if they do not finish their food? Do we really know what is it that we are teaching them and have we actually realized that we are teaching them something within every word we speak to them?


What parents do not understand is the relationship between the words they speak and the influence the words would have on their child. So here is a good example to show how Words are in essence create our world and how words would influence the child's future whether it is their effectiveness as human beings, their success in life, the quality of their life, the decisions they will make and now we can clearly see not only the consequences on their physical body but also, the physiological effect obesity for instance would create in the child's life.


So it is interesting that thus far, Obesity was mostly looked at from the perspective of the Corporation responsibility in terms of their misleading advertisement and the unsupportive nutrition added to food but in terms of the actual responsibility of the parents, not much was said or studied.


This is because the Natural learning ability was not understood and one of the human's tendency is to always shift responsibility rather than investigating all things and accordingly take self responsibility. It is thus important to study and understand the influence of words/vocabulary on the child and within that, why and how the child would develop their entire personality, the 'who they are' already in the first 7 years of their life through the words the parents speak, the association the child would create to these words, the energy experience within it and the memories of the events related to these words.


Within that, one would be able to start understanding what does Natural learning ability is, how to use it correctly and effectively to enhance the child natural skills instead of us as parents, having to deal with consequences.

More about Words and the child Natural learning ability can be investigated on EQAFE within the interview series: Parenting - Perfecting the human race.


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