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I can Die tomorrow, get hit by a bus - Day 318

A momentary brake from the line of blogs I'm currently walking in relation to Education and Capitalism since a point opened up for me last night that I would like to share.


I was watching Grey's Anatomy, the end of season 5 (if you haven't watch it and are planning to watch it, be aware that there is a spoiler here) - George was facing a moment in his life where he felt alone within himself, as if he doesn't belong anywhere - not with his family, not with his friends and he started showing signs of depression.

A patient of his, a solider in the Iraq war, experienced pain in his leg and although the leg was perfectly healthy, the patient asked the doctor to cut off his leg so that he could return to Iraq with a prostatic leg. The doctor, that didn't want to cut off a perfectly healthy leg asked him why he wish to do so and the patient explained to her that in Iraq, with his solider friends, is the only place in the world he felt belong. George heard him and thus decided to enlist to the Army the very next day.


When George's friends heard about it, they all freaked out and decided to intervene and try to stop George from going through with his decision. There was one Doctor, that wasn't George's friend, which said that it is awesome that he is going to the war because her brother came back from the war in a coffin because there where not enough doctors to save his life.


At the same time, there was another story of a man who jumped in front of a bus to save another woman's life. This man was extremely injured and just before he died, he was able to find a way to tell Grey that it was George.


So - the Problems that I found within this episode:


In no point, the validity of having the War in Iraq was mentioned or discussed and it seems that the war was taken for granted by all. The idea that young man and woman who goes to "serve their country" in wars was perpetuated and defined as patriotic as if someone is a Hero for scarifying their lives for the well being of the American people. Even when the Solider expressed his self interest of going to the war because it is the only place he feels belong was not looked at as there is nothing heroic in going to the war to make friends, but an act of stupidity really. An act of stupidity that is validated by the country instead of providing the necessary assistance and support for people who believes and perceives themselves to be lonely while the fact of the matter is  that the Experience of not feeling belong is a self created experience within and as one's mind due to the extent of separation we accepted and allowed ourselves to exists as and the lack of understanding of the relationship between the Mind and the Physical which would make one go and make choices that do not support oneself or this world as a whole.


What is more concerning is that these types of Episodes in TV series are actually an Hidden advertisement for the Army, to encourage and influence humans to go and fight in wars, and specifically those who believe that they have nothing to lose because after all, they may find friends in the war, not seeing, realizing and understanding the consequences and the outflows wars manifests through our collective blinded acceptances and allowances and within that, how we are directly responsible through our own participation and our support of wars.


BUT then, there is the primary point where the Hidden promotion and advertisement for the Army enrolling take place and that is by debunking the Experience of Fear of Death in War by perpetuating the saying 'I can die tomorrow, get hit by a bus' because after all, George didn't die in the Iraq war as a Hero, he died as a Hero by saving another life when he threw him self on a bus to save another woman's life. The point of getting hit by a bus is to perpetuate the fact that people can die in any moment from unexpected and sudden death to transmit the message that, going into war is a rational decision because one can die in any moment. However, while getting hit by a bus or dying from unexpected and/or sudden death cannot be compared to a deliberate decision to join the army, to fight in a war zone where the chances of being killed are enormous. Thus, this episode was a deliberate advertisement to call people to enrol to war by giving them 'Rational' point of view when looking at such decision even though, there is nothing rational about it and especially, if one consider the origin and reason for war to take place from the get go.


So the solution -

EDUCATE yourself and understand the REAL reason for wars in this world. I suggest starting with the book: 'Confession of the Economic Hit man' and continue with the Documentary 'War on Democracy'.

I, as an Ex Israeli Solider, feel SHAME that I haven't considered and investigated the points before I was forced by my country to serve in the army. In fact, I was excited to go to the army but really, not because I felt that I must protect my country but because I heard so many stories about people that found their partner in the army and made such a good friends in the army and I wanted to experience these experiences myself. Only later, while being in the army and having to face my fear of death when I was sent to a war zones to do some irrelevant job, that I started questioning my reasoning of going to the army and yet, it took me another 12 years to really question why in the name of god war exists, why kids are forced to serve in the army and who benefit from wars. I can honestly say that the reason why Israel is still at war with its neighbours was not understood by me when I was 18 years old and no one told me or mentioned the real reason for it. in fact, the harm and abuse that exists within the Israeli/Arab relationship is something that most Israeli nor Arabs are truly aware of. That is still kept in secret because if people would know the truth, not many will agree to go to the army which would cause a major economic collapse for those in power and control in this world.


With regards to one's experience of not feeling belong or alone, I suggest to start your process of bringing all the pieces of yourself together, to realize that alone cannot even be possible in this physical reality but only through the separation of the mind that cannot compute Equality and Oneness with everything that exists.

Join today to the Free online course - DIP Lite and start your process of realizing who you are as Life - it is a long process so don't waste another moment.


Then another suggestion is - when you watch TV series - check yourself, investigate your reactions, see what activates within and as yourself, how it changes you mood, how it effect your decision making, how it support your imagination and fantasies, what ideas and opinion it perpetuate within yourself that in common sense and reasoning thinking, does not support the Principle of that which is best for all Lives.


Understand the brainwashing and the hidden advertisement that exists within the Media to discover the real and ugly truth - we do not have really a free choice as our decisions and choices where implanted in side our minds through the Media channels as this is the way for those in power and control to sustain the status quo of a world that is best for only a few while we are being the servants and the slaves without being aware of it in any way whatsoever.


The reward in doing so - for myself, when I watch TV series and I notice reactions that are coming up from within me, I would stop and investigate the nature of these reactions as I've seen, realized and understood that these reactions are controlling and enslaving me to my own mind through my own acceptance and allowances. Today's Media is designed and structured to make the audience so limited in the way they view and experience Life and through this limitation, we gave our power away and thus, automatically and blindly accepted the world as it is without ever investigating  how this world really works and functions and thus stand up, to end the atrocities, abuse and suffering that exists within this world.





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