Feb 5, 2013 | By: A Woman

Charity and Activism - why is it a Capitalistic Scheme - Overview - Day 293

In the past few days, I came across many articles over the news with regards to Charities and I decided to investigate the point of charity for myself to see, realize and understand what is the real and what is underneath this Media vibes of Charities.


To me, it was always obvious that Charity is not a solution because if it was, instead of having increasing numbers of people in poverty, we would have seen decreasing numbers or even better, a complete eradication of Poverty. The fact that the problem still persists, despite of the billions of Dollars circulating in Charities, shows that there is something worth investigating and exposing in common sense.


Obviously, many have done so before me however, no real and substantial solution were presented or applied. So I've decided to take on a different approach in showing the different dynamics with Charity, Philontraphy and Poverty, what are the Problems and what are the Individual solution for each and every problem and within that, one would be able to see, realize and understand that once the solutions established and implemented world wide, we will receive our true and real Rewards both on the individual level and on a global level.


I'm still in my early stages of investigating the Charity and Philanthropy within all its dimensions however, what I have gathered thus far is the direct relationship between Charity and Poverty, Charity and Tax Reduction, Charity and Exploitation and Charity and Free PR - all of which is covered with Beautiful words like: "I want to give back to my society; I'm a good person; shame, they are suffering and I must help where ever I can"; Oh, it was so kind of him to donate so much money to help the poor".



Within this blog, I will walk one simply point that came up today in the "The Witness" Newspaper: 'Charitable Millionaires'.

According to the article by Siphamandla Zondi, who is the executive director of the institute for Global Dialogue, the solution for Poverty in South Africa: "Real Economic Freedom will Come from Structural Reforms, increasing Philanthropy, a radical Strengthening of the Public education on which the poor depend, and the growth of a socially conscious middle class, especially in the black communities."


In south Africa alone, 12,000,000 (12 Million) people are estimated to go to sleep hungry, on a daily basis. Is Charity Monies will feed all of them tonight? Is Philanthropy would Prevent Poverty to the Extent of which ALL have Free Access to Education, Nutrition, Electricity, Housing, Clothes, Health Care? Would Charity and Philanthropy Prevent one from Becoming another's Slave because otherwise, their family would have nothing to eat? Would Charity and Philanthropy End Child Slavery and Abuse? I can continue asking many more questions but nevertheless, the answer would remain: "No". Because if it had, there would not be 12 Million people that are going to bed hungry tonight.


Real Economic Freedom is when Life is being Valued as Equal Life for all, regardless your generational blood line and skin Color; regardless your Religion and Culture; Regardless if you were born rich or poor because Real Economic Freedom is when each and every human being is taken cared for from Birth to Death with Equal access to the World's Resources where Individual Empowerment and Expansion can be Achieved at will. Real Economic Freedom is when Debt is being Forgiven and we all start as Equals to live a Life that is worth while with the Resource and the Technology that is available on earth. Real Economic Freedom is when Education is provided to all to expand, explore, empower and enhance themselves which through which they can practically contribute to the better living of us all.


So, this article is the opening of a new blog series where I will walk in detail, what and how Charities and Philanthropy are not the solution but rather, a big part of the Problem. I will show Solutions that can PRACTICALLY be applied within the Principle of that which is best for all Lives wherein Poverty, would eradicate from the face of this world for once and for all.


I will Prove that the Above statement are not Empty Slogans but rather a living Expression that can be lived within and as the Equal Money Capitalistic System.


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