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Tradition of Child Marriage will END in an Equal Money Capitalism System - Day 292

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The Problem:


In some Religions and Cultures, Child Marriage has become a generational tradition.


Child marriage is a traditional practice that in many places happens simply because it has happened for generations – and straying from tradition could mean exclusion from the community and the consequences emerge from such instances.


From Ending Child Marriage - UNFPA P. 19-20:

"In communities where child marriage is prevalent there is strong social pressure on families to conform. Failure to conform can often result in ridicule, disapproval or family shame. Local myths encourage earlier marriage of girls – such as in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia where people perceive menstruation to be

induced by intercourse – and such myths encourage earlier marriage of girls. Invariably, local perceptions on the ideal age for marriage, the desire for submissive wives, extended family patterns and other customary requirements (e.g. dowries or bride price), are all enshrined in local customs or religious norms.


In many contexts child marriage is legitimized by patriarchy, and related family structures, which ensure that marriage transfers a  father’s role over his girl child to her future spouse. This is often encouraged “to take place before a girl reaches the age when she might question it.” The reality for many women and girls in

rural areas is that their daily lives are more often dictated by customary laws than by national laws. "




From Ending Child Marriage - UNFPA P. 19:

Control over sexuality and protecting family honour

"Child marriage is traditionally recognized as necessary for controlling girls’ sexuality and reproduction. Cultural and religious notions of a girl’s virginity and chastity in many societies are directly linked to the honour and status of a family or clan. This means that there is tremendous pressure on parents to marry off girls early to preserve family honour and minimize the risk of improper sexual activity or conduct. Indeed, girls are perceived as incapable of protecting themselves through their own agency.

Girls in rural communities may be withdrawn from school at first menstruation to restrict their movements in order to protect their sexuality. "


What should concern us the most is how Tradition and Cultural customs have been used as an Excuse for instance, for child trafficking. For more information, please read:

MAURITANIA: Child marriage tradition turns into trafficking

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And in other case, girl that ran away from her abusive elder husbands, Prisoned by the Police because allegedly, the man who helped her to escape had sexual interaction with the girl and according to the cultural law, the punishment is 10-15 years in jail or death.

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The Solution:

 As Elder Graça Machel, Nelson Mandela's Wife says in her blog: “I believe that one of the main reasons why child marriage has not been tackled in a concerted way at the local, national or international level is that it is closely linked to tradition and it is often endorsed by religious figures.

There is no religion whose fundamental principles and values promote child marriage. It is not a matter of faith. Yet over time, a series of practices have developed which are now seen as “traditions”.

(Why we are building an alliance to end child marriage)


In most, if not all cases of Early Marriages of Children, the real starting point is Money.

Either through selling the Girl or settling Debt or the Fear of being outcast. Fear of being outcast from the perspective of - if one is outcast from one's environment, one cannot perform any form of economical activities to support one's family and therefor, being outcast has economical effects which again shows us that in essence, it is all about Money.


This is why, within the Equal Money Capitalism System, none of these Reasons, Justifications and Excuses to accept and allow Child marriage would be Valid and there for, with no Economical Threats on the heads of Billons of Families in this world and with Proper Education for actual self Awareness, Child marriage would cease to Exists as a traditional and Cultural Generational Design.


The Reward:

No Human Being should be allowed to be abused by the name of Religion, Tradition and/or Culture as the Main and really Basic Principle of the Equal Money Capitalism is "Do to another that which you'd like to be done to you". If we place ourselves in the shoes of these young girls, that are forced to get marry and in many cases, with Elder guy -  would we Enjoy our lives? Would we want to be forced to a Life of misery where all form of choice has been taken a way from us? No! and therefor, the Reward of Ending child Marriages from the Perspective of Tradition, Culture and Religion is to End Abuse and Suffering of Millions of young girls in this world because we wouldn't want ourselves to be forced to live such Lives.


On a global Scale, Ending Child Marriages would assist and support with the Development of humankind as there would be more people, that would enter the Cycle of Education and would be able to express themselves and Contribute to this world within their capacity and capability.


SO - Equal Money Capitalism System would END Child Marriages and all the Consequences that comes with it which from here, we could grow, expand and empower the human Race to become effective and supportive human beings. Human beings with effective Life Skills, Educations and tools to allow one to make informative decisions within the principle of that which is best for all. In this, we not only Ending the Consequences, we are Preventing the Consequences so that abuse such as this, will never reoccur again.


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