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Free Speech? Free Choice? Really? - Day 274

Elva studenter tar farväl av Umeå konstskola med en utställning, och det är som vanligt en ansenlig bredd. I år, liksom förra året, har andraårseleverna lämnat sina lokaler i Umedalen för att ställa ut i Fabriken vid Strömpilen.It is very clear to me by now that there is no such thing as Free Speech within this current world system and that the fact of the matter is that if you say something that would threaten the System, you'll be targeted and removed from the ability to express yourself.


My first Encounter with Controlled "Free" Speech was around 1-2 years ago when, suddenly, unexpectedly and without any warning, the Desteni Main YouTube channels were removed with thousands of videos and millions of views. When we tried to get answers regarding this decision, we got none, to the extent of which, Lindsay Drove to San Francisco, to the YouTube headquarter offices within the attempt to receive some answer but she wasn't even allowed to enter the building.

Till this day, the people and the reasons behind this decision are unknown.


A few weeks ago, I saw a Israeli TV news show with a Lawyer that used to work for Politicians and high rank business men . He was one of these people that you wouldn't want to face in your life as he has a army of powerful people behind him that would make sure that if you know anything about one a politicians or high rank business man, that may harm their stance in the system to a point of serving time in Jail due to their Criminal acts, you wouldn't dare to speak up and expose the truth and if you would, you would most likely to find yourself in a worsen position in your life. He was one of these people that would destroy you, if you knew too much. Interestingly enough but sure thing not surprising, all of the lawyers actions stood in alignment to the Laws. This Lawyer had finally realized his responsibility within the harm and abuse he is allowing to exists within the consequences of his actions and he decided 2 years ago to do what ever he can to correct his past doing.


He shared specific details about instances where he destroyed the Lives of people that tried to stand up for themselves  and others by exposing the harm and abused they had faced by specific politician or high rank business man. He shared how him and his office where involved with what the News would broadcastand if there was anything that could have harm specific politician, they made sure the News report won't be published.

So, what is the point?

The point is that I face many beings that claim and honestly believe they have free choice and therefor, freely expressing themselves. They claim for Free Speech without investing the time to actually investigate all things instead of blindly following their minds and the minds of the system. I was/is one of these people that claimed to have free speech and Free Choice but every day that goes by and I learn more about this reality, more about the Economic system, about the Education system and the world system as a whole, I understand that Free Choice and Free Speech do not exists as our Mind is conditioned to what we were fed up by those who censor the Information.


I Believed that all I need to do is stand up and call for an Equal Money System BUT I came to realize that standing up for Equal Money doesn't end by saying that I'm supporting the Equal Money, at least not at this stage of the Equal Money Movement. It takes Self Responsibility to truly educate myself about how things really works and functions to be able to in fact stand as a Free Expression of myself in Explaining in detail what I've learnt, what is the problem and what is the solution. If I just follow like a sheep, I again do not have any free choice within it because there is no Real Self Realization but rather a feeling/Experience that it is the 'right' thing to do so that I could sleep better at night knowing that I did something in my life to change this world. I see, realize and understand now that changing the world isn't just a figure of (free) Speech. It is actual doing and it must start with myself, understanding the specificity of what I'm standing for and as.


So - Currently, there is no Free Choice nor Free Speech unless we  self honestly have proven to ourselves that we have investigated all things, from all possible dimensions and can walk the specificity of the Time Line of how we realized the point and what does it takes to manifest a solution that I best for all lives.


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