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The Secret Agent is being Targeted (Part 4) - Day 267

876-quantum-mind-self-awareness-step-12This is a continuation to the Previous blogs:

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Note - for the purposes of having a context to the following, I suggest to first read the previous blogs before continuing.


So now, we are at the Solution phase - How to assist and support oneself to Stop one's participation in the same thought pattern, the secret mind that keeps on repeating itself even though, one had applied Self Forgiveness and wrote down specific Commitment statement. In this, how to Stand when the Mind Protest and activate the 'Targeting System' that would influence one's Standing within themselves?


It is important for that matter to listen to: Quantum Systemization - The Time Control System - Part 12 and

Quantum Systemization - Repetitive Thought-Pattern Control System - Part 13.

In these interviews, the Mind Systems that are involved with the reason why it is so difficult to Stop the Participation with the thought pattern and within that, how and why the mind has back up systems for cases where one start becoming the Directive Principle of oneself and one's life. So yes, there are systems that runs in the background to make sure we won't ever get close to Physical and within that, develop a direct seeing of everything that exists within and without because that would mean the End of the Mind as Energy. and within that context, as above as below - if the Secret Agent expose the Truth, that would be the End of the Elite that Control and Govern the Majority of this world.


However, we cannot blame or justify the Systems that exists within and as our human physical body that Control and Govern our beingness because - it was us who accepted and allowed these system to run for us; it was us that abdicated our responsibility to Investigate all things and keep that which is best for all; it was us who have preferred running on auto pilot because it's easier than having to actually move and direct ourselves in every single moment; it was and it is us that always decides.


So how to we move from here? how can we stop the participation in the mind?

First thing is to come to peace with the fact that we have lost any form of control over our mind and that the mind is much more superior and advance than ourselves currently as we separated ourselves from our mind and gave the mind the power to tell us who and what we are.


The second step is to investigate all things - both within and without so that we have a bit of light in the Darkness of the mind. and here, I'm not referring to spiritualize the process but as a figure of speech. Getting to know what the mind is involve in all its dimension. So it is not that one would become enlightened or Free from all Physical Limitation, it is simply to get to know ourselves and this world from the inside out. Meaning, to move from Reactions to Prevention through identifying the core/source origin of the Problem and correct that which require correction that would result with the best for all outcome. That can be done in 2 steps.


  1. Start your own process of writings, self forgiveness and self corrective living application. Only then, you'll face the Targeting system and you'll be more 'prepared' to face and stop the back up systems when they show themselves.
    Here, must one Remember - Judgements will come up when we fall, and we will fall and make mistakes but our only real fall is the participation with self judgement itself. Here, what one must understand is that we tend to judge that which we do not understand and this takes us to the next step:
  2. Invest in your own self education on the Global level - both with watching and reading the vast information that exists over the internet with regards to the world system. Watch documentary (which I will add a few links at the end of this blog), read economics books and keep open mind, ask questions, dare to challenge what you believe you know to be able to step out of our inherited brainwashing.

Then also, invest in studying the Quantum Mind interviews on the individual level:

Quantum Mind - Self Awareness

Quantum Systemization

Physical Quantum mind that will soon be released on EQAFE.


Unfortunately, there is no Quick Fix or a God that will come and save us in the very last moment so, if you really care about your life and the Lives of the whole, you should start your research today. The Targeting system can NOT be your Excuse out of walking your Process or a point that you would justify to be able to give up. We have this Life - let's make the best out of it and within that, realize that once we change and participating directly with the change of the world, our children will enter to a world that may offer them Life that is worth while. So, if you as a motivation point isn't yet what moves you to take responsibility and change - do it for your children and the generations to come.



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