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The Secret Agent is being Targeted (Part 3) - Day 266

277112183292167509_panBJXB1_cThis is a continuation to the Previous blogs:

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Note - for the purposes of having a context to the following, I suggest to first read the previous blogs before continuing.


Within the Context of the Secret Agent in one's Mind, Understand - We are not looking at the Secret thoughts, the Evil Nasty thoughts in one's day to day living application - the Judgment, the Darkness, the blame, the spite - No. that is simply the Mind which one had accepted and allowed oneself to exists as, regardless if one is walking one's process of Correction or not.

To assist and support oneself to Stop one's participation in such thoughts, one must walk the process of correction through writings, Self Forgiveness, Self corrective and correction statement.


The Targeting System of the Mind activates when one is, in self honesty, Dares to Questions one's mind, questions one's belief systems, opinions, judgements, personalities, the Positive and the Negative, etc. One would expand oneself through slowly but surely walk through all the Layers of the mind from the Conscious, to the Subconscious, Unconscious mind and from there to the Quantum Mind and the Physical Quantum Mind.

If you haven't already, we suggest starting your Process already today with the Free Online course - Desteni I Process Lite.


When one start their Process of stopping one's participation with one's mind within self honesty, one would start noticing the multiple Mind-Systems that suddenly and seemingly, coming out of no aware within one's mind, world and reality.


For Example - Decisions and Temptation.

I have made the Decision of how am I going to walk an agreement with another. I have investigated my past relationships, who I was within the relationship, what I had accepted and allowed and what were the consequences and so forth. I went and investigated the characteristics of the men I was with, the type of man I would go after and the types of man I would keep my distance from. I wrote down the specifics of what I will NOT accept and allow from the next agreement I would walk and what I will accept and allow. Everything is simplistic from that context, all in paper, commitments and everything. However, when it comes to the mind, it is a different story and as the temptation comes, it is up to me to stand or to fall.


I have fallen a few times this year within my mind wherein, each time I replaced the picture of the prospect partner and went into the imaginary domain in my mind and planned everything out. Each time, the same pattern from my past emerged where I would accept and allow myself to compromise myself to fulfil the desire of relationship and sex.


The Temptation overridden common sense. I've been targeted by my own mind and have been offered benefits, experiences and rewards by my own mind and.. Guess who won? My mind. Obviously, each time I learnt and discovered another dimension/layers that I have seen before and could specify my application within myself so from that perspective it's cool because one can work with the mind and utilize the targets as a tool to empower, grow and expand yourself.


What is also very clear in terms of the 'Targeting System' is what I call the 'Sub Targeting System' wherein, once I have fallen into my own created temptation, I would start judging myself and further extend my process as I would chastise myself and be extremely hard on myself. This system, the Sub Targeting System, is another way for the Mind to keep me distracted from the real core/origin/source point of missing a breath and fall within my own mind. in essence, every reaction towards my own process such as judgement, regret and guilt is a sub targeting system that activates automatically so that I won't face the Real point but rather be distracted and accept and allow myself to not move, direct and walk myself within my upmost potential within and as the effectiveness I know I can stand as. So, here, I suggest reading the blogs I've discussed the point of distractions: From Reaction to Prevention and the Correction Process (Part 3) - Day 241.


Now, here is also to understand that the Mind System won't just stop according to my wish. It's not that I can say - "ok, enough, system - delete, go away, I had enough of you". The real challenge is not to Stop the System is to Stop my Participation with the System. I mean, each mind system, require Energy to continue its existent. Same with the Government/Agencies - they require Energy to continue and this energy is Money. without Money, without Energy, there are no Systems that functions by the Principle of Self Interest.


What is the Solution then? How to stop the participation of the Secret Agent both within and without?

As we continue walking this blog series and look at all the dimension of the Character, we would slowly but surly take ourselves one step further in being able to see that which had never seen before, to realize that which we haven't allowed ourselves to realize before. So take a breath and we will continue with this tomorrow.


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