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The Rewards and Justifications of the Secret Agent Character (Part 1) - Day 262


 This is a continuation to: The Secret Agent in the Mind - Day 261


So, looking more in depth at the Secret Agent Character, both in the world system and in one's mind and specifically, to understand why it is that we won't allow ourselves to really Give up the Mind and Change for Real.

To do so, we can have a look at the Experience of the Secret Agent character and then, to turn it to back to ourselves which may lead us one step further to the understanding of the core/main/source/origin point of our unwillingness to change.


As I've stated yesterday, the way I see a Secret Agent character:


"The Secret Agent is one who is Reacting to what one sees in one's Environment/world that one had defined as unacceptable and within that reaction, one will go against the System, within the justification that one is fulfilling one's purpose, one is doing what needs to be done, that which no one else will dare doing and thus, one is special, Divine and Heroic. "


What the Secret Agent failed to understand is One's responsibility within the creation of the system which the agent is a direct part of. The Agent, defines and categorizes the system as unacceptable, wrong, bad, faulty, etc. and within that, separate oneself from the actuality of being of, as and co-creator of the system. Why? And what is it that none of the Secret Agents that exists in this world didn't change anything for the better of the human race and if anything, only perpetuate the abuse, the suffering and the crime that existent in this world. Now, for those of you who would disagree with the above statement - I understand. I really am. You probably think that the job of the secret agent is essential and that without them, the world would even be worse. I was one of you, wanting to hold onto the innocence that there are guardian angels in this world that keeps us safe but fortunately, I was able to move through the blinded hope and investigate these points to be able to see what lies beyond that which meets the eyes so to speak. 


If you read the book - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins, you would see the Unspoken inner truth of every Secret Agent - they are very much aware of their accountability for the consequences they take part with and within that, they are aware in most, if not at all times to the actuality of what they accept and allow both within themselves and within the world system. One of the things that keeps them moving against their own inner self awareness and self honesty is for instance, the rewards they receive for their 'respectful' loyalty to the Government or/and Agencies.

They would justify to themselves why it is ok to accept the bribes they receive even when they know exactly the extent of harm that such 'rewards' are causing.


To be able to be a Secret agent, one must proves one's loyalty to the Government or/and to the Agency and/or cause because otherwise, one would be removed and 'removed' means - gone, diminished, complete 'disappearance'. Thus, what is it then, that sustain one's loyalty? Fear. (We would see in blogs to come the correlation between the Fear as the Directive Principle of the Secret Agent and the Fear as the Directive Principle of self as the mind. so for now, keep this point in mind because we will come back to it in a later stage.)


Also, another point that we are going to have a look at is the 'Targeting System' both in relation to the Secret Agent if the agent dare to Question the Employee/Agency/Government/cause and the 'Targeting System' when One dare to Question one's mind. Note that, the Targeting System is a Direct Divertive of the Fear that I mentioned above, which I will expand on in Blogs to come. (and if you cannot wait to the blog where I'll open up this point, you can go ahead and listen to the Quantum Systemization Interview Series that explains these system that keeps one enslaved to one's own Mind.)


In the Next blog, I will show the Secret Agent in the Mind in relation to the Rewards and justifications, in correlation to the points that were discussed here.




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