Jan 29, 2013 | By: A Woman

A message to the Spiritual people - Day 287

Spirituality book 2I understand, really. I understand your need to defend your beliefs and the spiritual experiences that you had. I’ve been there and it wasn’t easy for me to let go of the ideas of the afterlife in my mind. What I have found within this process of unconditionally questioning my beliefs is that I have defined myself within these beliefs and without them, I perceived myself as nothing. And who wants to be nothing?!


However, at some point I stopped and I asked myself – why it is that with all the support we receive from the afterlife – there is never direct communication that involves with a practical solution for mankind? Why poverty is necessary? Why Starvation exists? And so on..

For a long period of time I convinced myself that the suffering of the majority of mankind was a lesson they had to pay for their past sins however, what these lessons worth if they have no recollection of what supposedly they have done?


So anyway, the point is – I understand where your reactions are coming from and why you would allow yourself to be spiteful for those who do not support and agree with your belief system but for a moment, you must put it aside because Billion of people are counting on you to stand up for them because there is no one from the afterlife that would come and correct the fuck up that WE created in this world.


A question that I urge you to ask yourself and to consider – if you truly believed that the afterlife is such magnificent place where awakening is happening and suddenly everything is so perfect – you would have committed suicide long time ago. The fact that you are still here indicate that you do not believe your own beliefs. And so – why waste the time on something that might not even be the truth? On something that even you not unconditionally believe? Why not focus on making sure that our children and their children will be living in a world that would care for them on a physical level?


We are not here to attack; we are here because most of us have been in your shoes so we know where you are coming from and what will it take for you to see the physical reality as what it really is. We all understand that what we are saying isn’t what you would like to hear; we have all resisted it within and as ourselves because that was all that we knew about ourselves and losing what we knew about ourselves was a fearful experience at times until we realized that also the fear is something we created in our mind.


But now, when we tested the information for ourselves in common sense and started walking our process to discover what is really going on in this world and how it can be corrected, we see, realize and understand what needs to be done and why the afterlife isn’t the solution that would be best for all lives because whatever exists in the afterlife, isn’t physical and the solution that is required on earth must be physical as the problem is a physical problem.


Forget about the Desteni material if you want – research the Internet, read the news, walk in the shoes of those who suffer daily and consider that they cannot help themselves unless we stand up together for and as them.


I suggest listening to:

Kryon - My Existential History - Part 8 I’m Certain it will assist and support you in understanding what it is that I’m talking about. Kryon was the one that welcomed me to the Spiritual world with his positive messages of Love. Kryon was the one to also open my eyes in seeing that the channelling that I was addicted to isn’t the truth; which from there, I kept on looking for the truth and found Desteni. Here is Kryon from the Desteni Portal. Listen to him.

Here is my Story of how I met Desteni – you can download the book for free.




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