Jan 31, 2013 | By: A Woman

Why Poverty - Welcome to the World - Day 288

When I watched 'Why Poverty - Welcome to the World', I assumed that I'd be 'Prepared' to what I was about to watch. I mean, I'm well aware of what is going on in this world, I'm aware of the Severe Problems that this world is suffering from and I'm aware that people are suffering - I've seen it in my own eyes when I was traveling around the world. And yet - the documentary struck me hard.


I experienced extreme Sadness; Anger; Guilt; Shame; Frustration; but mostly Anger towards myself because I have seen in my own eyes what is going on in this world but I didn't care, it was a moment that passed and I could continue with my happy, no worries life. I was Angry that it took me so long to take my responsibility and investigate for real what is going on from the starting point of becoming the voice of these people that cannot stand for themselves and from the understanding that if I truly want to make a change in this world, I must get to the core/origin/source/root of the problem, to be able to stand as a living solution.


I was shocked from my own ignorance and the ignorance of humanity as a whole. I was shocked that we do nothing practical to use the resources that are available in this world and distribute it effectively so that no one would ever have to face what these people, the majority of this world, face in every single day.


Then I realized that I was Reacting instead of walking the Principle of Prevention and that as long as I'm Reacting, I'm of no use for the people that require us to stand together and walk the change we would like to see in this world. I realized that so long as I'm reacting, I'm wasting a breath that could have been a great assistance and support for these people if only I had committed myself to walk in every breath towards a solution that is best for all and within that, do what ever necessary to be done to End this Atrocity once and for all.


I transformed the Sadness to a constructive application - Self Motivation so absolutely that I commit myself to put my self interest aside, for this one life time and do what ever I'm capable of doing so that when I die, I die with no regret because I know, that I didn't accept and allow myself to waste a breath on irrelevant and meaningless things but rather, utilize every breath I have left in this One life time to assist and support myself to effectively stand up for those who needs us to stand up for a life that is best for all.


The truth is - I was about to access Depression as I felt Powerless and useless but fortunately, I live with people that reminded me that going into Depression won't make any difference but standing up from the depression and continue doing everything in my power to support myself and therefor, supporting others, is what counts.

So I decided to share with you this blog, as a support from me to you, as the support that I've received today in being able to transform the reactions into a solution because anything less than that, would prolong the process of us all.


There is a solution for this world, a solution that would bring about dignity and worth for each and every Human being, animal and nature. Unfortunately, I cannot do this alone. No one can. Because no one Alone created this mass, we all had participated and thus part of this fuck up and therefor, we all must stand cooperatively and Correct that which we are accountable for.


If you are interested in Life, interested in leaving a world of worth after you die, interested in making sure that no one would ever go to sleep hungry - stand up for LIFE today and invest your time in studying the Equal money System. The longer we wait, the longer others would have to continue suffering. We decide.





Visit today the Equal Money Website and Become A VOICE for a world that is Best for ALL.


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