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Standing as an Example - Self Interest or Self Realization? - Day 214

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comical-sense-economic-recovery-8-5x11-pencil-on-paper-2010For the purpose of context, suggest reading these posts above prior to reading the post below, if you haven’t already. Here I will be walking the 'I don't have TIME' Character - Internal Conversation/ back chat Dimension - Practical support with Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments.


Here, one must understand that the Back chat, are the source of all Evil wherein, what one accepting and allowing within oneself, within the belief that no one will ever find out, is nasty and evil shit. Therefor, I will be walking back chat by back chat, in making sure I purify myself from the Evil that I've accepted and allowed within myself, in the context of the ' I don't have Time' Character.




Maybe if I stand as an example, others will do what I do as well? And then I'll have more time for myself?


Fascinating.. Here, the backchat clearly expose my starting point of and as self interest where the 'Desire' to stand as an example isn't that others could expand and grow themselves through seeing the example that they can be themselves and so, we will TOGETHER walk the correction process and Establish a world that is best for all; The Backchat reveal that my starting point in standing as an example was to satisfied my own self interest desire to work less and apparently, have more time for myself.


Thus, here is another example of how dominant the self interest is within and as oneself and where the evilness start to show its face. I mean, I could spend my entire life, beLIEving that I'm assisting and supporting the group and I am thus, a considerate, Positive and good person but this backchat clearly reveals that what drives me isn't yet the principle of that which is best for all but rather the principle of what is best for me, in satisfying my self interest.


So what was not yet understood is one's starting point in standing as an example because, if one isn't self honest with oneself, this point of standing as an example can be abused and manipulated to one's self interest.


Thus, I forgive myself that I've NOT accepted and allowed myself to REALize that standing as an example, within and as the principle of what is best for all is: I'm here, this is who I am, this is what I've realized about life that is best for all, this is what I can do to assist and support myself and others in walking the practical application of the principle of that which is best for all. I see, realize and understand that 1+1=2 meaning - I cannot walk the existential correction process alone, it is a humanity responsibility and therefore, I must assist and support others to see, realize and understand who they are, their potential as Life so that we could stand up together and establish a change in this world as I'm walking my own correction/change process.

And as there were others that stood as an example for me, and through them I could see, realize and understand the potential I have in becoming an effective human being in this world, as I could see the space/time path I must walk in perfecting myself as the example of the process they have walked, as a constant reminder that a change is possible if one decides to. Within this, I see, realize and understand that standing as an example wouldn't make me be more or less than anything or anyone else, it is simply a decision to walk breath by breath and walk this process till the last being cross the Line between one's Evilness of the Mind into the Purity of the Physical as Life


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to desire standing as an example within the belief and the desire that I'll be placed in a position of being more than others and therefor, I can now do less work and utilize the time that I have here on earth to enjoy myself and satisfied my self interest needs. In this, I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to NOT realize that my purpose and reasons to walk this process thus far was from a self interest starting point within the belief that this is the way I can make a change in this world and be glorified as the pioneer that plough the way before humanity for a world that is best for all and therefor, be worshiped and defined as the saviour of humanity as I walked the path that no one had walked before, despite the difficulties, the obstacles and resistances that was part of the initial path/journey. Thus, I commit myself to bring myself back here, to earth, to the physical and to stop the ridiculousness of my mind, in trying to be MORE than who I really am.

I commit myself to change my starting point from self interest inner evil from the inside and good at the outside to a starting point of Physical Equality and oneness as that which is best for all and thus, assist and support myself in stepping out of the evilness of the mind and access the purity of the Physical as Life.


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