Oct 1, 2012 | By: A Woman

The Love Experience - Day 170

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I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed a world where children are being extensively brainwashed into becoming Self Interests Vampires, searching and looking for LOVE that would give one the Experience of Divinity, Wholeness, completeness, Loved and Cared for, for only a Moment, and through this, the children are turning into adults that would perpetuate the separation that is based on one's Self Interest in a divided, cruel and abusive words, which they would justify the wars for example in the name of Love.


I forgive myself that I've NOT accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that the Reason why Love was promoted in this world is for us to not face our fears of being alone and so, instead of assisting and supporting the human race with giving them tools to be able to face and deal with their fears, Humanity had become Zombies - totally blinded from seeing reality as what it is and only focus on one's achievement for one's love and accordingly, never even consider creating a world that is best for all where the Self Interest transform to a common interest that is best for all.


I forgive myself that I've NOT accepted and allowed myself to realize that the Idea about LOVE that is prompt into children from a very young age through the media as fairy tales, Books and TV, is coming from the starting point of Controlling the masses so that we would never, ever, stand up for a world that is best for all because through this brainwashing, we remain enslaved to the idea/concept of LOVE as an experience which we must attain at least once in our lives and within that, we will not rest until we will have it, we will not see anything, until we will have it and from that perspective, we will not care of anything or anyone else as long as we maintain and get to this moment of Love that would fulfil our inner self wit emotions and feelings that will entirely take over any chance of common sense and within that - seeing reality as it is, what is required to be done to be able to establish, develop and manifest a world that is in fact, best for all.


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to create specific symbolism through which I can define Love as an experience which only when these symbolism are manifested, the feeling of Love is over taking my entire physical body wherein, I'll justify and reason why I'm feeling that which I'm feeling and would in that, ignore the physical reality, all the signs, all the red flags that indicate that I'm accessing another cycle of self sabotage and in that, direct myself within decisions that are based in practicality instead if directing myself according to the symbolism that I've created in my mind which I defined as real and valid.


I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to place values in my illusions regarding LOVE that I've created already in the childhood years and since everyone was holding onto the same values, I've accepted and allowed myself to believe that these values must be real.


I forgive myself that I've NOT accepted and allowed myself to see what LOVE is and in that, accepted and allowed myself to always seek for that experience as others had told me that I must experience it within my Life and in that, I forgive myself that I've not accepted and allowed myself to investigate the nature of this LOVE, and the consequences of accepting and allowing self to be blinded by this love and in that, questioning - if love was so magnificent and important, why are accepting and allowing a world of HATE that is justified by LOVE?


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