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Spilling Semen in Vain - Day 115


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Untitled-1Males Masturbation is forbidden according to Jewish Religion law because when one is masturbating, one is Spilling semen in vain and accordingly, deserve dying.


    "But why all these precautions? — Because otherwise one might emit semen in vain, and R. Johanan stated: Whosoever emits semen in vain deserves death, for it is said in Scripture."

    —Babylon Talmud, Tractate Niddah, p. 13a



Seriously! That is what they teach the Jewish Religion kids.. If you masturbate, you deserve death.

And they even back it up:


Genesis 38:7-10 “Now Er, Judah's firstborn, was evil in the eyes of the Lord… Now onan knew that the progeny would not be his, and it came about, when he came to his [deceased] brother's wife, he wasted [his semen] on the ground... Now what he did was evil in the eyes of the Lord..."


Rashi (based on the Talmud) comments about Er: “His evil was like the evil of Onan, viz. that he wasted his semen... Now, why would Er waste his semen? So that she (Tamar) would not become pregnant and her beauty be impaired".


Accordingly, the Females are allowed to masturbate because they do not have Semen to waste while the Male, is guilty with Murder of his potential children because he prevents the use of that semen for conceiving a child and this, is a criminal act.


Did anyone consider the consequences within one's mind/physical relationship? Obviously not because having such forbidden act serves the continuation of ignorant people who rush into marriage for the ONE reason: dealing with their physical reactions in their human physical body as hormones because only within marriage, one is allowed to spill one's semen and that is also conditioned to the rule of having children when having sex.

Also, another obvious consequence is having over populated families where the children raise their siblings because the parents wants to fuck but the only way they are allowed to fuck is when they  use the male semen to produce more children, despite of the fact that the family doesn't have the means and skills to raise an effective human being in this world as well as giving the child the attention, care and education that a child is required to have in order to have an effective and fulfilling life.

No, that wasn't taken into consideration as the parents can happily fuck each other and in that, fuck their children in being their slaves who raise their younger siblings. I mean, how effective a family unit can be, when there are 10-20 children in the household? How can the mother be a supportive mother when most of the time, she is busy breast feeding and the father is busy study the Torah?


And no, I'm not being sarcastic, I'm bring common sense to the table. I'm simply sharing the outflows of one's acceptance of some religion laws which was not taken into consideration as the consequences of the laws and how it will effect humanity as a whole. I'm bringing here the Jewish religion as my ID certificate defines me as a Jew however, if one take a look at all and every types of religion - it is all the same - unpractical laws that one is blindly following because one is not willing and daring to step out from one's own fears; one is not willing and daring to face oneself and what one is ignorantly had accepted and allowed oneself to live as and by and accordingly, make the adjustments/changes that are required to bring about a world that is best for all in FACT.


Within my next blog, I will be walking the Self Forgiveness Process, as I stand in the shoes of the Religious character, in the context of Masturbation. I will place the character within and as me, and see the backchats, the emotions and feelings that emerged within and as me, when walking equal and one as the forbidden masturbation character. Should be interesting..


Sylvie Jacobs said...

Great Maya! Very cool to expose this brainwashing / abuse of life - thanks!!

kimamourette said...

wow Maya -- really cool, i had no idea there was such bullshit in the Jewish tradition as well as in the Christion/Catholic. Thanks for walking this point.

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