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Investigating Sexual Expression - Self Commitments - Part 1 - Day 114

This is a continuation to:

Sexual Expression – Overview  Day 112

Investigating Sexual Expression - Self Forgiveness Part 1 - Day 113



I commit myself to - when and as I hear words that activated a reaction as energy movement within and as myself, to investigate the word, to redefine the word and purify myself as the living word wherein, when hearing a word, I  won't activate memories, associations, definitions, beliefs within and as myself which I will automatically give attention to and accordingly, give myself up, become non existent as I gave permission to my mind to be the directive principle instead of me, purifying myself to accordingly direct myself in every given moment, breath by breath.


I commit myself to SHOW how through the reactions of our parents to specific words, we decide who we are as we've copied and duplicated our parents reactions, because apparently, they know it all, they know what is best for us, despite of the fact that has been proven in many psychology studied that parents has no clue about the influence and consequences they cause to their children.


I Commit myself to become intimate with myself as my human physical body in a journey of exploring myself and the investigation of the definition that I've gave to specific organs of my human physical body to assist and support myself with being comfortable with myself. I see now, that I'm lucky to have a human physical body to cross reference my application and it is my responsibility as such, to stand equal and one as my human physical body as the entirety of the body, all the organs, cells, veins etc. and accordingly, to utilise my body as a support of my process of stepping out of my mind instead of continue abusing my body through my acceptance and allowances of participation in my mind.


I Commit myself to assist and support Parents in qualifying them with supportive and effective parenting skills, as I walk my own process from the moment of emerging to this earth, in a time line till now, through my process of sharing my self-investigation process of who I am, through sharing my process of how I practically assisting and supporting myself to unchain myself from my social beliefs and norms that I've integrated into myself as my mind and accordingly, reprogram myself from fuckupness to perfection as I walk my process of self responsibility, in self forgiveness and practical corrective application in self honesty.


I commit myself to correct my past sexual relationships within and as myself through a process of self forgiveness in self honesty, to stop the self sabotage/abuse patterns that I've accepted and allowed myself to become through suppressing sexuality and making it more than what it is as a physical communication with myself and my partner.


I Commit myself to educate myself with regards of the relationship between the mind and the physical, to be able to understand myself and what I have become and accordingly, stop judging that which I do not understand and rather, change myself according to principles of Oneness and Equality.


I commit myself to SHOW that we are busy judging that which we do not understand because we didn't have an example, as effective parents with parenting skills to walk with us as equals and explain to us, from the get go, the relationship between the mind and the physical.

And I commit myself to support those who will walk the development and establishment of parenting skills programs, to bring about, a balance and effective parents who would become the example of the generation to come so that we could once and for all, stop the fuckupness we call earth and humans and create a world of humans beings that walk, move and direct themselves according to that which is best for all. 


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