May 30, 2012 | By: A Woman

Blinded by Love - Day 47

This is a continuation of my previous blog: How to Choose a Partner – Day 21

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to seek for the experience of LOVE where my entire human physical body feels light, when everything seems to be alright and having a smile on my face without any particular reason and I haven't seen that those experience/moments are a imprints that I've downloaded into myself through watching Romantic movies and that those moments/experiences are momentary and as such, cannot be a real physical expression because if it was real, it would have been me who direct the smile, the light feeling body and it wasn't an energetic experience that was based on external forces magically just happened.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to prompt my children with Love stories and Movies and I haven't realized the implication of my doing - programming to become an individual self interests beings that move and direct oneself according to the child desires to fulfil one purpose of surviving instead of educating my child with a practical commons sense of what does it means to practically LOVE within the principle of Love thy neighbor as thyself wherein the physical living application of Love can be measured within the establishment world that is best for all LIVES.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to have refused to see that LOVE is a delusional mind fuck that one is participating with because when one experience LOVE, one is closed down to one's own mind where for a moment, everything seems to be OK and fine regardless of this world not being OK and fine and thus, we spend our lives, seeking for the experience of LOVE in self interest, for a moment of bliss and while doing that, separating ourselves form the real LIFE that is here, a LIFE that is not worth living for the majority of this world and instead of walking the living expression of LOVE in making sure that all could have a dignified LIFE, we have been preoccupying ourselves with the energetic feeling of Love that is in no way a living application of LOVE that is best for all

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to be blind by LOVE and thus, missed and ignored the obvious points that require corrections within the relationships/agreements that I've walked and within that, I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to make the decision of walking an agreement/relationship with a partner based on feelings and emotions while disregarding the functionality of walking an agreement with another in terms of our processes, sexual alignment , our financial stability and thus, take all the variables and make an informative decision that is based on practicality instead of emotions/feelings so that we could walk together, in alignment in this ONE life.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to - when being in a relationship/agreement, to fall into the trap of LOVE as an energetic experience and thus, seclude myself from the LIFE that is here, right in front of me; LIFE that required direction and major change so that all could have a LIFE that is worth LIVING and I forgive myself that I've NOT accepted and allowed myself to see the deception in LOVE as a design to make people stuck in their own bubble of self interest while disregarding LIFE and the change that is required to be walked in terms of the LIVING application of LOVE that is best for all.

I forgive myself that I've NOT accepted and allowed myself to see how one is attempting to control the experience of LOVE through compromising and limiting oneself and this world through blinding and closing one's eyes so that the experience of LOVE could remain for just one more moment regardless the huge RED FLAGS that are lighting all over, screaming for correction and change in oneself, in the relationship/agreement and in this world.

I forgive myself that I've NOT accepted and allowed myself to learn form my past mistakes and correct my application with regards to choosing a partner and thus, time after time after time, I find myself looping the same points and becoming angry at myself for falling into the same trap because I gave value to the LOVE experience and I didn't allow myself to let it go even though I've already seen that the experience isn't real and can only last for so long before it disappear and one remain with a fucked up reality, remain with picking up the pieces and stand up again, only to return to the same point that one faced in the beginning with no actual and real self change.

I commit myself to expose and show that the current Media is prompting Love from the starting point of keeping the individuals secluded in their mind so that they won't be able to even consider walking the physical application of 'love thy neighbor as thyself' and stand up for LIFE that is best for all because they are too occupied in their self interest little bubble of their mind while those who control the media can keep making profit on the backs of their brainwashed consumers.

I commit myself to show and reveal what does it mean to actually LOVE as an application of the principle of what is best for all rather than how love is currently walked as an individual pursuit of happiness in total separation from oneself and one's world.

I commit myself to stop making decisions based on emotions and feelings such as LOVE and instead, make informative decisions that are based on practical common sense and consideration of myself, others and essentially everything and everyone.

I'm letting go of the desire to experience LOVE as an energetic momentary experience because I realized that the design of LOVE as we walk today is a delusional mind fuck that keeps us preoccupied in our mind, in a zombified state of selfish beings that consider only of themselves and disregards the entirety of this world.


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