May 6, 2014 | By: A Woman

Don't have time for headache? - Day 472

20140504_220310_resizedChronic stress has became an epidemic in today's world, as we fight for our lives and barely make it due to how the economic world system is set up.

We find ourselves spending more and more time at work and less and less time with our loved ones. The demand at work is increasing and the threat of losing our source of income is a cloud over our heads. We want to perform better, we strive for results and in doing so, we find ourselves with the feeling of "there isn't enough time".


We push ourselves to be creative, to be better, to give something new, to prove that we are worthy - we constantly THINK of our next step, our next client, our next big deal and as a result, we accepted that from time to time, we experience major headache that forces us to slow down but Hey - who have time to slow down when our survival is dependent on us continue to fight for our job?


So - the pharmaceutical industry saw an opportunity to ride on our backs and make money of our stress and so, a magic solution is provided for us, the working class, the sheep  of the world system - a magic pill that is advertised as following:

"Don't have time for headache? - it's time to consider a fast headache tablet"


But let's look at what they are actually saying - "you are such a stupid creature, a sheep, and you have no clue that you are the source of your own headaches; that your headache is a warning sign that your body produced to support you in slowing yourself down; your headache is a symptom of a dysfunctional economic system world wide that you are equally responsible in accepting and allowing the maintenance of the very same system that is causing stress and harm to your physical body but  hey,  I don't really care about you, I want to make money from your headache - I don't want you to see the truth because then my company's doors will be closed so really, just  take this tablets and forget about it all."


So people - understand - the source of the headache is the structure of our economic world system whereas we over stress the physical body, over thinking, over worrying, over fighting for our survival. The source of the headache is the system that we have created where we must push our physical body's limits in the fight for money; for some reason we all accepted the current world system to be  normal but is it? Is it normal that about 1:7 people in the first world countries is suffering from chronic stress with major physical consequences? (and please - this is just one small side effect - the world is suffering far more than headaches on the individual level)


You see, the Elite of this world have no interest in supporting your well beings - actually, it is to the contrary - the more you suffer, the more money they can make out of you. If they would to offer real solutions, their profit share is cut. You see, no one really cares about you. We don't even care about ourselves. I mean, we accepted and allowed ourselves to join the survival race without stopping for just one moment to look at solutions that would prevent the problem that you and I are facing on a daily basis - the problem that our children will face -- unless… unless we stand up and source the problem to from there, apply solutions.


Taking pain killers, cover our eyes, avoid, ignore - well - that is what we have done thus far and where did it led us? to taking stronger pain killers so that we can block the pain that we put our body through.

So, take a moment before you take your next tablet and look at the bigger picture…


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