Mar 3, 2014 | By: A Woman

Does the System have power over you? - Day 453

When working in the world system, and specifically when running a business, one has to stand within specific deadlines, goals, results, etc. from the starting point of realizing that unless one moves oneself, nothing would move; the business won't move.


If you ask anyone who started a business sometime in their lives, they would tell you that the first 2 years of the business were the busiest years in their life whereas one has to work 24/7 almost, as one make oneself available for what ever may come, for what ever needs to be directed.

Within that scenario, if one isn't stable within and as oneself, it is unlikely that one would make their business a success.

The most effective way to get through this process effectively is by applying 'Moment by Moment' principle as a Living application. Have a look -


Place yourself in that business man/woman shoes - imagine that your daily schedule is fully occupied from 6AM to 1AM where throughout the entire day, you have business meetings, managing and directing the stuff, phone calls with clients and suppliers and so forth. Imagine also that you are the one that is running the entire operation and for most part, every aspect of your business is depended on your performance.


That in itself is stressful point which we will get to in a moment but what I would implore you to have a look at now is the first moment of waking up in the morning at 5:30AM, knowing that the next time that you will be seeing your bed is in 20 hours from now. So you get out of bed, barely have time for coffee nevertheless breakfast, you get into your car and drive yourself to the first meeting. The next moment, it is already 10AM in the morning and a thought comes up - "OMG, it is just the beginning of the day… " so you continue with your meetings and it is lunch time - we all know how the buddy feels when you are physically tired and food is being processed in the stomach - you become even more tired. BUT - you have to continue to the next meeting; a few hours later, you look at the time, it feels like you have been working for the whole day already, you check the time, it's 3PM and "OMG - there is still so much ahead."

So you continue with your day, don't have much time for dinner but you grab something to eat and continue with your meetings, your eyes are heavy, you are physically tired, you look at the watch and "Shame, 4 more hours to go".

Now imagine, this is your life for a moment - some days will be like these, some days will be more flexible but in general - you are busy busy busy.


So - a suggestion here for all of us who have a busy life, either those that work in the world system or parents that are with their children 24/7 - when a thought comes up such as: "this is going to be a long day/week"; or "OMG, there is so much a head" - Stop these thoughts within yourself immediately, take a breath - This would be the first step.


The second step is to realize is the importance of living Moment by Moment - 

For instance, when I have weeks like that, I used to feel sorry for myself,  I would wake up in the morning, wishing it would be night time already. I would look at the time during the day and be frustrated that there is so much ahead. Within this, I haven't realize that as long as I allow myself to participate with these thoughts, I'd actually perpetuated the tiredness even more, making it unnecessarily hard for myself to move ahead with my day and be as effective as I can be. Within this, I also sabotaged my work/performance because while I was in a meeting (a moment), I already in my mind planned the next moment, thinking about the next moment which implies that I was not fully committed to the current meeting (moment).


Fascinating enough, this week was one of these weeks and I remember sharing with another my schedule for the day. What happened in that moment was that I could hear myself lol - when I expressed my frustration out, I could hear my own voice tonality and I could see what I was doing inside myself and that was unacceptable. At that moment, a physical change had to be lived and therefore, I stood within myself and I voiced the words: "Maya, Moment by Moment - it's time to live these words".


So for a moment, I assisted and supported myself to focus on what needed to be done/directed in that meeting/task/assignment and once the task/meeting/assignment was effectively done, I moved to the next point however, I found that it isn't as easy as it sounds because I've accumulated stress and worries throughout the entire week for instance, and therefore, as of yet, I cannot self honestly say that I've changed and that I now absolutely live moment by moment as this I have to walk and physically apply consistently, over time until living moment by moment is an expression of myself.


Within my next blog I will be sharing the manifested consequences that I've experienced during the busy week that I had and how through participating in stress in relation to time and  responsibilities, I sabotaged my physical body. I will also share what I'm doing to assist and support myself in relation to stress, worries and changing my application to a moment by moment living application so stay tuned.


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Great support Maya - take care of yourself

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