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Developing Intimate sexual communication with Self - Day 151



Through educated myself regarding Sex and Sexuality with the support of listening to the 'What is Sex' series interviews as well as investigating for quiet awhile, in writing, my relationship to sex and sexuality, it is clear to me that the common problem within sex and sexuality today is lack of education that result with lack of communication in general and with one's partner in particular.


For myself, I've always felt embarrassed to discuss the point of sex - either with my partner nor my parents. With my girlfriends, it was more comfortable but more from the perspective of bragging about it so that I could be define by them as more than who they are and as a cool person.


And while writing the blog series - The Importance of Physical Communication - Day 148 I've realized how important it is to develop and establish an effective communication with human beings in our world as a whole and our partners in particular as they are the ones who are walking with and as us, every step of the way, throughout our processes.


As I was mentioning, I always felt ashamed to communicate my likes and dislikes with my partners. I felt that if I shared what I didn't like, they would see me as unfit sex partner and if I do share what I liked, they would judge me for my preferences and so, the entire sexual experience and our expression would be compromised. Only what I haven't realized was that by not communicating about my likes and dislikes, I was in fact compromising our relationship as well as sabotaging my human physical body to stand in alignment to what I perceived they would like me to express in the context of sex.


Another point that I've realized through walking the Agreements - Re-Defining Relationships course is that I have never had an intimate communication with myself regarding all aspects of my life, including sexuality and within that, there is no actual possible way to develop an intimate communication with a partner when the basic of my communication with myself was not effectively walked, investigated, explored and established.


It is obvious to me now, that lack of intimate relationship with self is a divertive of our social definitions of ourselves that is based on morality structure that was slowly but surly prompt into and as our minds by those who have come before us, generation after generation. The true History of Sex, Sexuality and masturbation is walked in details in the introduction to the 'What is Sex' Series as well as 'Shocking Secret of Masturbation' Series where it was explained how sex, sexuality and masturbation was first introduced to human civilization, why and how sex, sexuality and masturbation had evolved to how we define and see it nowadays without our current environment structure. In this, one can see for oneself, why and how sex, sexuality and masturbation were deliberately kept in secret inside our mind, what was the purpose/reasons for the above to remain secretive, shameful and private and therefor, what is the consequences of the sex/sexuality/masturbation evolution within and as our life and humanity as a whole.


The following blog entries would be with regards to communication within and as oneself as well as with one's partner, the reason why we have never established intimate communication with ourselves nor with our partners, the consequences of lack of communication, and of course - a practical solution to transform and change our relationship with ourselves and therefor, with our partner, to an intimate and communicated relationship that would support both parties to evolved and change themselves as a physical living human being as oppose to who we currently are - an organic robot that function on automated pilot in every moment of breath. 


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