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Spilling semen in vain - Self Commitments - Day 117

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I commit myself to Expose and Show that the ALL religion LAWS are based on Absolute IGNORANCE with none Common Sense whatsoever.


I commit myself to WRITE and EXPLAIN in Details the relationship between the Mind and the Physical throughout my process of Stepping out of my mind and rebirth myself as the Physical and within that, Explain how to support ourselves as the Physical Body with and through Masturbation and Sex.


I commit myself to do what ever I can to Support children from all religions in questioning and challenging their belief systems which was taught to them by their parents and accordingly, assist and support them with applying Common Sense in their day to day living application in order to be, become and changed into and as effective human beings in this world who would stand within and as principle of a world that is best for all.


I commit myself to PROVE and SHOW that the real SIN is the Abuse that we have accepted and allowed to manifest in this world where we allow billions of people to daily die from Starvation, malnutrition, diseases etc. and within that, literally living the physical application of spilling our Semen in Vain as we allow our children of this world to Die without having any potential LIFE, a life that is dignified and worthwhile in all ways possible.


I commit myself to SHOW that the real SINNERs are those who brainwash their children to become zombified human being that will justify the abuse and suffering in this world by the name of GOD, God's Will, Karma, Punishment etc.

I commit myself to SHOW how through the religious Parent's Belief System in relation to sex and masturbation, they are in fact creating unhealthy children that would spend their time, in their mind, defining themselves as EVIL for having thoughts they are not able to understand as they were never been educated to understand the relationship between their human physical body and their mind as well as the consequences that may manifest through/by supressing their physical sexuality.


I commit myself to assist and support with the development and the establishment of educational youth programs that will educate and train the youth with the understanding of the equality and oneness within and as their human physical body as well as standing as a pillar of support for the children who are not in a position to be educated by their parents with regards to Sex and Masturbation as their parents have not yet walked their process of stepping out of their mind, their pre-programmed mind that CONsist of and Exists as their religion of Self and as such, are not able to stand in equality and oneness with their children and support them according to what each child in this world is required for, to be able to be and become an effective human being in this world.


I commit myself to SHOW that many religion relationships between partners are done for the sake of SEX as a way and means to deal with one's physical changes and therefor, to EXPOSE the abusive religious systems that support the youngsters into abusive relationships that do not support anyone whatsoever.

For those who can read Hebrew - an interesting blog that I've read today:,14566,L-3096594,00.html


I commit myself to SHOW that producing children without having an effective platform that cares about each and every child in the family, where the parents are directly involved with the education of their child, is in fact SIN.


I commit myself to SHOW that producing children to not spill the semen in vain is an abusive religion LAW that do not take into consideration the children that are born into a world where the parents are not directly involved in one's upbringing, the parents doesn't have the skills, the money and the resources to take care of the children as what each child in this world is required for, is the ultimate abuse that one is accepting and allowing by the name of GOD.


To be continued...


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