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I Think Therefore I am - Day 90

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"I think, therefore, I Am"; Really?


Rene Descartes 2-8x6As you'd see within this blog and the Self Forgiveness Statements to come, the core/source/origin of that statement is to perpetuate the importance of Thinking as our eternal enslavement, as the behind the scene of this statement is to justify the reason for us thinking because apparently, we do not have the capability to stop the thoughts for more than a few seconds.


The statement "I think therefore I am" is often refers to: "I think, therefore I Exists". In the Philosophical paradigm, the statement used as the proof of our existence that is based on the "fact" that when one is capable of any form of thought, one is necessarily exists.


So from that perspective, an embryo doesn't exists at least until the last trimester because only then the Brain start developing and only when the brain fully function, thoughts may emerge.


The Molecule doesn't exists because it was never proven that a molecule is able to think.


The chair that I'm sitting on now doesn't exists because as far as I can tell, it doesn't think.


The food that I eat doesn't really exists because I have never communicate with it and it never confirmed its ability to think.


The dog that is lying under my feet doesn't exists because it doesn't think as far as I understand.


So, nothing exists but the human mind that is capable to think.


consume_ishoptherefore_largeLet's look at another dimension: "I have Money, therefor I exists";

"I shop, therefore I Am"; "I have free choice, therefore I am"


That is a fact to a certain degree; it is clear that if one doesn't have money, one cannot exists within and as one's human physical body and one will die from starvation, malnutrition, dehydration , diseases etc.


If one doesn't have money to feed one's animals, the animals will die.


If one doesn't have money to build a chair to sit on, the chair will not exits.


If one doesn't have money to buy oneself food, the food will not exists in one's immediate environment.


What is fascinating is that the Consumerism industries have realized that point and have used and abused this statement to make people believe and THINK that they exists simply through the ability to Shop and Consume.

Companies are using public relations to assist with the brainwashing of the consumers into buying mode which through that mode, one could experience the experience of Aliveness and therefore, one exists. 

What they haven't realized was that the very thinking as energy, consume the physicality until it will literally cease to exists. For further perspective, read Heaven's Journey to LIFE.


Ok so, Within this blog, I've thrown a few bones.

within my next blog, I will walk in great detail, through a process of Self Forgiveness, to expose, show and reveal that which we have accepted and allowed ourselves to ignore, abuse and diminish - the physical existence, as Life as who we are, within and as the statement: "I think, therefore I Am".


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