Sep 18, 2015 | By: A Woman

When Fear Leads to the Absurd - Day 519

A young boy that want to become an engineer builds an homemade clock. Sounds very impressive right? Sounds like something that us adults should admire, in a world where kids are becoming lazy and demotivated to be something in this world.

And yet, when the young boy showed the clock he built to his teacher, instead of being proud at him and acknowledge his effort, the teacher assumed the young boy built a bomb and the poor boy was led out of the school in handcuffs to be investigated by the police in a juvenile detention center.

Now, let's use common sense for a moment - if the boy would be one that builds a bomb; if he had the skills, the tools and the intention to build a bomb; if he had intentions to harm anything or anyone - do you really think he would show the teacher the bomb? If this kid is that smart to build a bomb, he would be smart enough to not show it to his teacher. isn't that so?

We are living in a world of fear where someone as innocent as a boy who build a clock is a suspect of being a terrorist just because of his skin color, his name and his ancestors' history.

When will we stop reacting in fear to one another and instead practice forgiveness, patience, understanding, respect and honor towards each other?
When will we stop directing ourselves and our world as a response to a fear and instead create an environment of support to one another?

Yes, this world has become a creational manifestation of fear. It doesn't have to continue like that; we don't have to continue living in fear; we don’t need to continue to respond in fear; we don't need to continue creating in fear.

Understanding the source of your fears is the first step to self-empowerment where you are no longer controlled by your own fear but standing in a point of direction and creation.
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